The seduction of Shelia

Shelia had been shopping all day, dealing with the crowds in the malls dealing with rude people with shopping bags running into her, and not even pausing to excuse themselves. She was fed up, and tired of dealing with the hoards of people, and not being able to find a simple pair of shoes for work. She had braved the crowds hoping to find a good sale price along with selection, but instead all she found was frustration.

Leaving them mall tired, and ready to call it a day she noticed a small strip mall hidden away from the bustling crowds that were all at the big mall. On a whim she pulled in when she noticed a women's shoe store.

As she pulled up Shelia thought that maybe it was closed or out of business until she saw movement inside. She parked her car, and went inside the store amazed at the huge selection of shoes. She zeroed in on a pair of shoes that looked exactly like what she'd been looking for. She jumped when she head a soft voice behind her say

"Hello there, would you like to try those on?

Shelia turned to find an attractive woman standing behind her smiling. For some reason Shelia thought she looked so attractive that she found herself at a loss for words for a moment. The woman had shoulder length black hair, beautiful brown eyes, and a gorgeous figure. Shelia smiled saying,

"Yes I would. You have no idea what I've been through at that mall. The rude shoppers and clerks, and no selection, and everything so over priced, oh yes, my feet are killing me."

The woman laughed saying,

"I know exactly what you mean. Come over here, and have a seat. You can relax for a minute, and I can measure your foot."

Shelia thanked her impressed that not only was she beautiful, but she was courteous as well. Shelia sat down as the woman asked,

"Would you like a glass of wine? I don't offer to all my customers, but it might help take away the tension."

"Yes thank you I'd love a glass."

The woman came back handing Shelia a glass of wine saying,

"By the way, my name is Carmen."

As Shelia took the glass of wine their fingers touched. She looked into Carmen's eyes, and something seemed to click between the two of them. It was strange, but Shelia felt an attraction to Carmen the moment their fingers touched.

"Thank you Carmen. My name is Shelia, and I have to say it's a pleasure to meet someone so charming, and so polite after all the rudeness I've had to deal with today."

Carmen smiled as she sat down on the stool taking Shelia's foot in her hand, and sliding her shoe off. As she held her foot in her hand Shelia sipped her wine watching Carmen's every move. Carmen moved her hand over Shelia's foot causing Shelia to mew softly. Carmen raised her sexy brown eyes as Shelia said,

"Sorry. It's just that your touch is SO soothing. You really have soft hands."

"No need to apologize. There's no one here, and there's certainly no rush, so if you'd like I can massage your aching feet for you. Consider it part of the customer service."

Shelia felt really special warm feeling as she looked into Carmen's eyes. There was something so erotic, so electric about her that Shelia couldn't help her feelings. She smiled saying,

"Of course that would be wonderful."

"All right, but first let me take care of something, and I'll be right back."

Carmen got up, and walked to the front of the shop and locked the door, and put up the closed sign. Then she closed the blinds and returned to Shelia saying,

"I hope my locking the door, and pulling the blinds doesn't make you feel uneasy. it's closing time anyway, and I didn't want us to be uninterrupted by someone coming in."

"I don't feel uneasy at all. Quite the contrary, I feel very much at ease."

Shelia replied as she lifted her foot for Carmen to massage. Carmen smiled as she started massaging Shelia's foot, sliding her hand to her ankle, and then up her lower calf. Shelia felt herself becoming aroused as she looked at Carmen's sultry smile, and her dark eyes watching her as if she were trying to read Shelia's reaction to her touch.

It was all Shelia could do to keep from moaning as Carmen moved her hand up her leg as she kneaded Shelia's calf as well. There was an unbelievable sexual tension building in the air as Carmen ask,

"Does that feel good?"

"Oh yes! You have no idea," Shelia replied.

"Then why don't you relax, and enjoy whatever it is you're feeling."

Shelia decided she was going to do just that as she slid down into the chair as if to surrender herself to Carmen. Shelia closed her eyes as she felt Carmen's hands massaged her feet and calf muscles allowing the tension to melt away. Shelia was becoming more and more aroused a Carmen complimented her saying,

"You have such soft skin, and such beautiful legs, I imagine the men must compliment you all the time."

"Thank you, but I don't have any men in my life right now. I haven't for some time now; not since I got a divorce a couple of years ago."

"So not to be nosy, but does that mean you're just waiting for the right one to come along, or..."

Shelia smiled saying,

"Let's just say I'm leaving my options open for the time being."

Carmen smiled as she continued massaging Shelia's feet and calf. Carmen found herself as attracted to Shelia, and after hearing that she was leaving her options open she decided to take a chance.

Carmen started working Shelia's right calf again only this time she didn't stop at just massaging her calf. Carmen started slowly easing her hand up past Shelia's knee inching higher and higher as Shelia made no effort to stop her.

In fact Shelia moved her hand up, and started toying with the edge of her blouse as if she were going to slide her hand inside, and start caressing her breast. This aroused Carmen even more as she inched her hand closer and closer to Shelia's inner thighs.

Shelia's pussy was on fire now as she anticipated Carmen's fingers would soon be touch her pussy. As she sat there a thought came to Shelia. A thought that sent erotic chills through her body. She wondered what Carmen would do if she spread her legs for her giving her access to her charms.

Shelia wondered if she would be insulted, or realize that she had aroused Shelia so much so that she was willing to surrender herself to her. Taking a chance Shelia slowly parted her legs allowing her skirt to raise up exposing her panties to Carmen. The only thing separating her pussy from Carmen's fingers was the thin fabric of her panties.

Her heart was racing in her chest as Carmen fingers touched the outside of her panties. Opening her eyes Shelia saw Carmen kneeling down, as she pushed her skirt up the rest of the way. Carmen began moving her fingers over Shelia's panties, her light touch sending more erotic chills through her. Carmen looked up saying,

"Your panties are so wet, and your pussy is so hot. Would you like me to take care of that for you?"

Barely able to speak Shelia said in a raspy voice,

"Yes. Do whatever you want."

Carmen then moved between Shelia's legs, her body pressed against Shelia's as she moved up closer and closer until she could feel Carmen's breath on her face. Carmen paused for a moment, and then gently pressed her full, red lips to Shelia's kissing her softly. Shelia could feel her pussy starting to tingle as the two kissed, with Carmen pressing her body against Shelia's.

Shelia surrendered to Carmen's advances moaning softly as Carmen eased her tongue past Shelia's lips. Their tongues began an erotic dance as their kisses grew more and more passionate. She could feel Carmen unbuttoning her blouse, and spreading it open then reaching behind Shelia, and unhooking her bra giving it a toss.

There was a momentary paused as Carmen opened her own blouse. Shelia saw Carmen was not wearing a bra as leaned forward mashing her bare breasts against Shelia's. Carmen began kissing her way down Shelia's neck toward her breasts, caressing them and gently squeezing them as Shelia surrendered to her.

Shelia gasp when she felt Carmen's lips finally touch her breasts, kissing them, and running her tongue over her nipples. Carmen was soon licking and sucking Shelia's nipples as Shelia stroked Carmen's soft hair.

Never had she felt anything so beautiful before. It was one thing when a man sucked her nipples, but this - this was something beyond what any man could do. There was a tenderness, a passion, an arousal that was beyond description that she felt while Carmen started flicking Shelia's nipples with her tongue, and gently chewing on them.

Shelia suddenly felt something come over her when she realized she was starting to have a small orgasm just from Carmen sucking her nipples. Just as her orgasm started to subside Shelia felt Carmen tugging at the zipper of her skirt pulling it down. Instinctively Shelia raised her hips as Carmen pulled her skirt down over her hips sliding it off.

Carmen and Shelia stared at one another for a moment before Carmen started moving her hands up Shelia's thighs. Sheila thought her heart was going to burst through her chest as Carmen lowered her head, and began kissing her legs, and thighs as she inched ever closer to her pussy.

She closed her eyes once again so she could concentrate on the feels of Carmen's touch, the softness of her lips on her legs as she inched ever closer. Shelia scooted down in the chair even more allowing her to spread her legs as far apart as she could. She felt like such a slut, but she loved it.

Carmen's lips and fingers were moving all around Shelia's panties which only made Shelia all the more aroused. She could feel the hot dampness between her legs as her pussy smoldered with passion just waiting for the moment Carmen would touch her.

She gasp when she felt Carmen's fingers stated mover over her panties, her nails dragging over her pussy through the thin fabric. She took another deep breath when Carmen slid her finger under her panties, and began running the back of her finger over her drenched pussy lips. She heard Carmen laugh and then say,

"Mmmmm, your pussy is so wet Shelia, and so hot. I can't wait to taste you, and feel your hot pussy on my tongue."

All Shelia could manage was a raspy,

"Yes, yes. Do it this time, please don't tease me anymore!"

Shelia felt Carmen add a second finger beneath her panties, and then a tugging sensation as Carmen slowly pulled Shelia's panties down, and then holding it to her nose as she took in Shelia's aroma. Shelia watched as Carmen moved her panties form her nose, and started moving it over her breasts before tossing it aside.

Carmen pulled her hair back, and then lowered her head, and began running her flattened tongue over Shelia's labia as she gasp, and squealed grasping the chair. Never had she ever felt anything so erotic. This was the first time a woman had ever touched her before, let alone run her tongue over her pussy.

It felt so beautiful, so erotic that Shelia wondered why she hadn't done it sooner. Her juices were flowing like a river onto Carmen's tongue as she parted Shelia's wet lips, and started running her tongue up and down her creamy slit, licking, sucking, and tasting Shelia's burning pussy. Shelia started cumming again, only this time it was one orgasm after another as Carmen started tongue fucking her. Shelia was still cumming as Carmen took her clit into her mouth, and began sucking it as she worked her fingers deep into Shelia's depths.

Never had Shelia cum so often, and so hard as she was at that moment. Still another powerful surge of orgasms coursed through her body, this time from Carmen sucking her clit. Almost mercifully Carmen stopped as Shelia lay panting, and trying not to pass out from coming so hard and so often.

Not saying a word Carmen moved up placing her lips to Shelia's as she began kissing her again. She could taste her cum on Carmen's tongue, and smell the aroma of her sex on Carmen's face. Shelia took Carmen's face in her hands, and began licking and kissing her juices from her face as Carmen laughed saying,

"Just like the hungry little slut that I knew you'd be."

"Oh yes Carmen, I am a slut, but only for you. I had no idea making love to a woman would be this erotic, this special."

"Yes, and now it's time you pleasure me."

Shelia was a little tentative at first, but as Carmen placed her breasts to Shelia's face it was as if she knew exactly what to do. Carmen's breasts were a little smaller than Shelia's, but they were perfect. Her aureole's, and her dark brown nipples looked so enticing as Shelia started running her tongue over them, and sucking Carmen's nipples.

She could tell form Carmen's moans of pleasure that she was doing the right thing. Shelia continued sucking her nipples as Carmen slid her skirt off, followed by her thong. Then as Shelia continued caressing her breasts, and sucking her nipples Carmen straddled Shelia's leg, and began rubbing her pussy up and down Shelia's leg.

The more Shelia sucked her nipples the harder Carmen humped Shelia's leg. After several minutes Carmen took Shelia's place in the chair, her legs spread wide and a smile on her face. In a soft, sexy voice Carmen whispered,

"Show me how much you want to eat my pussy. Go on, make me cum!"

Shelia knelt down looking at Carmen's beautiful pussy. Her bush was thick, and black as night, but at the same time her pussy was trimmed so her large labia, and thick clit where clearly visible. Her lips seemed to quiver in anticipation of Shelia pleasuring them with her tongue and fingers. She took a deep breath, and then lowered her head, and began kissing her way up Carmen's thighs as Carmen sighed, and caressed Shelia's hair.

The closer Shelia moved to Carmen's pussy the more Carmen cooed and moaned. Once she reached her pussy Shelia paused taking in the beautiful aroma of Carmen's arousal. Then just to tease her she started running her tongue all around the edges of Carmen's pussy, but not actually touching it. After a couple of minutes Shelia heard Carmen say,

"Eat my pussy, please make me cum!"

Shelia started running her tongue over Carmen's labia as she had done to her, parting her lips allowing Carmen's juices to flow down onto her tongue. She could hear Carmen's arousal as she gasp, and thrust her pussy into Shelia's face. Hearing Carmen's response encouraged Shelia as she tasted Carmen's juices. They tasted so good that she started tongue fucking her in an effort to taste as much of her as she could. Carmen responded saying,

"Yes, oh yes, oh you're making me so fucking hot. Do it, lick it, fuck my pussy you hot little whore!"

Shelia tongue fucked Carmen until her jaws ached. Then she replaced her tongue with her fingers, and took Carmen's clit into her mouth, sucking it as if it were a little cock. Carmen was thrusting her hips upward, driving her pussy into Shelia's face. Shelia worked her fingers frantically into Carmen's pussy, adding a finger to her ass. That was all Carmen needed.

She gasp loudly, thrusting her hips upward even harder as she held onto the arm of the chair and started cumming, and squirting her juices into Shelia's face. Once her orgasms had subsided Shelia shared another passionate kiss with Carmen while Carmen kissed and licked her juices from Shelia's face. Carmen rose from the chair saying, "Now I'm going to show you something I think you will like."

Not knowing what Carmen had in mind Shelia followed her to a stockroom in the back. Once they were inside the stockroom Carmen took Shelia in her arms again, and started kissing her as she pushed Shelia down onto a old leather couch that was used for rest breaks during the day. Carmen was kissing and fondling Shelia's breasts when she reached down and picked something up.

Kissing her way down Shelia's body Carmen moved in between Shelia's legs and began running something over Shelia's pussy. It felt cool and hard, but it also felt good as Carmen moved it over her pussy, sliding it between her lips, and then slowly sliding it inside her. It felt fat, and thick like a hard cock. It filled her pussy as Carmen slowly started working it in and out of Shelia's pussy, fucking her as if it were a cock.

As she continued fucking Shelia she lowered her head, and began kissing Shelia's nipples as the erotic sensations from whatever it was in her pussy started to take over. Carmen started moving down, kissing her way down Shelia's stomach until she reached her pussy where she started sucking her clit, fucking her header. Shelia was soon beside herself with lust heading for what she was sure was going to be another powerful orgasm.

While Carmen pounded her pussy she eased her finger into Shelia's ass just as she had done to her. The feeling of having Carmen's finger in her ass, her mouth on her clit, and whatever it was fucking her pussy was incredible. Shelia was moaning and panting barely able to breath she was so aroused. The harder Carmen fucked her the more aroused Shelia became.

Just as she had earlier Shelia reached the point of no return as her body started convulsing yet again with one powerful orgasm after another as Carmen slowly eased her pace. Shelia sank back into the sofa trying to catch her breath as she looked at Carmen who had removed the object from her pussy, and started running her tongue up the think shaft licking Shelia's juices from it. Shelia asked what it was, and Carmen responded,

"It's supposed to be a fancy shoe horn, but when I saw the thick handle I knew right then and there what I was going to use it for. I like to pleasure myself with it sometimes after work before I leave, or on a slow day, and I have time to enjoy myself. Let me show you what I mean."

Carmen walked over, and sat on the arm of the leather sofa leaving her right foot on the floor, and her left foot on the cushion next to Shelia. With her legs spread wide Carmen began moving her makeshift dildo up and down her pussy as Shelia watched. Shelia had never watched anyone masturbate before, so this was a first for her.

She watched as Carmen continued moving her dildo over her pussy, and spreading her lips open while she moved the handle up and down her creamy slit. Shelia found herself starting to move her fingers over her pussy, and sliding them deep inside as she watched Carmen who now had eased the toy into her pussy, and was now working it inside her pussy.

She began rubbing her clit as she masturbated urging Shelia to do the same. Shelia had her fingers buried deep in her pussy, and was rubbing her clit as well, when Carmen removed the thick handle from her pussy, and placed it between her cheeks. Shelia watched in amazement as Carmen slowly eased the handle into her ass, and began slowly working it in and out of her ass.

Shelia moved as close as she could, and with her free hand eased two fingers into Carmen's pussy, while she continued pleasuring herself. Carmen smiled at Shelia who started working her fingers in Carmen's pussy, and rubbing Carmen's clit with her thumb. Carmen was soon moaning and squealing as she fucked her ass with her sex toy, and Shelia fingered her pussy and clit.

After a few minutes Shelia leaned forward taking Carmen's clit between her lips, and started sucking her clit as Carmen moaned loudly. She was close to exploding as Shelia took her closer and closer to the edge. Suddenly Carmen's body tensed, and started to tremble as she started cumming again and again. Shelia too was able to get off with a less powerful orgasm, but satisfying just the same.

The two women cuddled for a while before Shelia left with some shoes that were a gift from Carmen, and a promise to return again soon. That night Shelia opened the box to remove her new shoes when she found something else inside the box. She held it up realizing that it was the shoehorn that Carmen had used on herself while masturbating as Shelia watched. There was a note saying,

"I hope you enjoy this tonight as much as I enjoyed you watching me use it on myself. It's my favorite toy, and yes I'd like it back when you're finished, but then I have a feeling you'll be back anyway. See you soon beautiful."

Shelia smiled as she held it to her nose taking in Carmen's scent that was still on the handle. Shelia undressed, and laid back on her bed as she began running the handle of the shoehorn over her pussy. Shelia eased the handle between her pussy lips, and began sliding it up and down her ever moistening slit as she thought of Carmen and their time together. Shelia was soon gasping, and sliding the handle of the shoehorn deep into her pussy.

She was soon fucking herself with it while she squeezed and tugged at her nipple with her free hand. Shelia parted her legs as far as she could, working the handle in and out of her pussy as she moved her hand down, and began rubbing her clit furiously with her finger. The harder she slammed the handle into her pussy, the closer she came to an orgasm.

Finally Shelia arched her back, her body shuddering as a powerful orgasm coursed through her again and again. Afterward she held the handle to her mouth, and began licking her juices from it, running her tongue along it's length, and then sucking it like a cock. Once she was finished Shelia couldn't wait until the weekend when she would have the time to pay Carmen another visit. In the meantime she had great memories to hold her over until she saw Carmen again.



Date:  13.07.16

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