The guy's revenge on Kathy

Hi a little back round we were station( hubby and me he is military )at Adak Alaska an Island In the middle of no where. Hubby was in charge of about ten guys and most of them we would invite over to our house for holidays and parties which was a couple a time a month. We would cook and have lots and lots to drink, not a lot to do there. when ever one of the guys had to much to drink , we would play tricks on the like pouring warn chicken broth on their crotch or sticking a hot dog in their mouth and so on.
Well a couple of months be for we were due to leave there one of the guys( Tim ,Kelly, Fred, Rick, and Rubin) birthday was coming up (Kelly) and Hubby Had the week end watch so he couldn't drink and was only home for a short time, But he said they could have the party at our place.
Well the guys made something called jungle juice ( punch) and it tasted pretty good hubby warned me to go easy on it, mad with wine, rum, vodka, and Everclear fruit and fruit juices Hawaiian punch and powdered sugar. I went down so easy. well we had dinner and some wine and the guys wanted to play a board game called chug a lug , where you roll dice and see what you land on and have to drink and it has event cards where you do things like swap a piece of clothing with some one or describe an event in the nude Olympics and a few cards that tell you to loose a piece of clothing. I had always done pretty good at this game hardly ever lost mor than 2 pieces so I said sure
Now there are not a lot of women stationed there and mostly married wives so hardly and single girls there, and I used to tease the guys a lot. Well as we play I chose to drink the punch which time keeps bringing me and I was getting stronger all the time as he was spiking mine, as we played I seamed to be hitting all the wrong spaces and drinking and losing some clothes as we play, well it wasn't long and I was really d***k and down to my blouse and panties, I hit doubles and got 2 event cards Tim read the first one "Demonstrate by modeling your sexiest bed time outfit", " and they don't mean flannel pajamas"!! I protested but the guys were saying I was a poor looser and should do it that I would make them do it and so on, I said ok and went and changed I almost come out in a long silk robe but decided what the hell and wore a hot outfit that showed my ass and was a pushup top boostier with a G-string bottom.
I come out and the guys loved it whistling and commenting as I walked around, time handed me a shot and my drink saying I missed a drink while I was changing. I drank them and they really hit me. the he say the other card say you have to demonstrate the use of KY jelly other than as a Lubricant with a partner giving instructions as to its use. I looked at him and he said it would be easy, so I agreed "ok" he said to get on all fours hands and knees , he say now while this can be used as a massage lotion and squirts some on my bare ass cheeks and starts to rub them slowly dipping his fingers into my ass crack and over my pussy lips making me jump a little causing my breast to pop out, Kelly grabs the tube and puts some on his hands and say also as a salve for sore nipples and starts to rub them. I gasp as he does and Tim starts to finger my pussy, commenting on how wet I was as I almost collapse on the floor not being able to control myself, ha asks Me you like this huh? I can hardly talk and nod whispering yes oh god I uh yes, Kelly pulls out his cock as Tim starts to finger my deep making so wet and moaning. Kelly puts his cock to my lips and says go ahead suck my cock you know you want too. I moan as Tim is really working my pussy now and Kelly slides hi cock in my mouth he leaves it there as I gasp some and start to suck him he grabs my head and slowly fucks my mouth as Fred and Rubin take pictures. Tim a strips down as Rick has striped and takes over fingering me and starts to lick and eat my pussy.
Tim grabs me and pulls me backwards so I am over ricks big hard cock and lowers me onto to it stretching me out as they do Kelly is pumping my mouth making me gag once in a while as his cock begins to pulse and twitch. Tim takes the lube and lubes his cock and squirts some up my asshole, and slides his cock deep in me. making me lung onto Kelly's cock as he is about to cum. Kelly shoots a huge load down my throat and into my mouth so much that it runs out my nose. I gag and gasp as he pulls out of my mouth shooting several more loads of cum all over my face. Now Fred and Rubin have been taking pictures and video of all this, stripped down and come over to Replace Kelly. Tim starts to fuck my ass hard as rick enjoys me riding his monster, Fred and Rubin start to slap my face with their cocks talking dirty to me telling me what a cum slut I must be to let them do this and film it, telling me to talk to the camera and tell it who I am I moan out my name as Tim and Rick make me cum so hard I almost pass out the both shoot big loads in my ass and pussy
I slide off of Rick my pussy full of his come Fred and Rubin roll me onto my back saying I was not done yet as they take turns pumping my pussy till they come in me.
They stayed all night and fucked me till day break and left me sore an full of cum.



Date:  13.07.16

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