The boss

Sue was called into her boss's office. When she got there he had the d****s closed and it was semi dark. He told her "Come in Sue. Close the door and lock it for me." Sue closed and locked his door. He then told her "Come around here behind my desk so I can see you better." When she stood next to his chair he looked at her and said "You are a very pretty and sexy girl. I have been watching you and taken an interest in you. Do you like that?" Sue told him "Yes, that is very flattering since you are my boss." He then pulled her to him and began to unbutton her shirt. He said "I hope you don't mind but I really want to see you better." Sue kept quiet but let him unbutton and remove her shirt. She was wearing a sexy lace bra and it pushed her tits up high. It was quite sexy and he liked that. He ran a finger over the top of each tit and told her "You have a nice pair of tits. Just as I have imagined." He then unzipped her skirt and pulled it down to her ankles. "Step out please sweetie." She then stepped out of her skirt and he was looking at her skimpy bikini panties. He then rubbed a finger along the top of her panties making her pussy tingle.

He turned her so he could take a look at her ass. "You have a great ass. Bend over for me." As she bent over he rubbed her ass cheeks first over her panties then he put his hands inside and rubbed her bare ass. He turned her back facing him and ran a finger down the outside of her panties and down to her pussy. He then pulled her to him and had her straddling his leg. He reached behind her and unfastened her bra and let it fall to the floor. He let his finger trace the roundness of each tit. Then he felt each nipple. He pulled on her ass and got her closer to him and grabbed a nipple between his teeth. He pushed his hands inside the ass of her panties and rubbed her ass as he held her nipple with his teeth and ran his tongue over it. He switched back and forth grabbing each nipple with his teeth and rubbing his tongue over them as he kept feeling her ass. He took her leg and bent it at the knee and put it on his other leg so she was quite spread open even still in the panties.

He grabbed her ass harder with one hand as his other rubbed her pussy on the outside of her panties as he still held her nipple with his teeth. He pushed the crotch of her panties tight to her pussy as he felt her clit then her fuck hole. He took his finger and shoved some of the crotch of her panty into her hole. She was wet and her clit was hard and he liked that in the sexy girl. He kept licking her nipples as he rubbed her pussy with her own panties. His cock was getting hard so he unzipped his pants and pulled his member out. He then pulled her panty down over her leg that was resting on his leg. He looked at her smooth bald pussy and ran a finger over it and then into her hole. He liked how she felt, warm and wet and tight. He whispered to her and said "Why don't you put your legs on each side of me and straddle me and slide that warm wet cunt down on my cock. Would you like to feel my cock inside you fucking you hard and deep. Your body is so sexy and your fuck hole so tight you have my cock throbbing to fuck your wet cunt. Slide that wet cunt down on my hard cock and let me fuck you and fill you with my cum. Push those big tits in my face and let me suck them as I fuck you baby. I need you bad."

As she slid her cunt down over his hard cock she heard him take a deep breath. When she had him deep in her wet hole she began to move her hips in a circle letting him really feel her tight hole. Then she shoved her tits in his face and rubbed her nipples all over him before she let him suck them. She was grinding her cunt on his cock as he sucked on her tits and nipples and he was breathing hard. She said to him "Do you like that tight pussy? So move your hips and fuck me hard. I am going to grind you till I feel your cum fill my hole. You wanted my cunt so fuck it hard." As she talked dirty to him he got more turned on and was pushing his hips meeting her sexy cunt as she did grind him. She then kept talking to him "Yes, fuck my cunt. Push that big hard cock deep in my hot snatch. Fuck me like a nasty whore. Come on. You can fuck harder. Give it to me. Ride me. Fuck me. Show me you like that tight wet cunt." It did not take him much longer and he filled her with his cum. He then let go of her nipple and kissed her mouth shoving his tongue in her. He said to her "You are so hot. That dirty talk is a big turn on. Lay over my desk. I am going to get naked and fuck your round ass. I am going to fuck you like a nasty whore. You are going to be my bitch and let me fuck that nasty snatch any time my cock needs pussy. Now lay over my desk and spread those legs and stick that ass in the air.

He took his clothes off in record time then reached in his drawer and pulled out two cuffs and cuffed her ankles to the legs of his desk. He looked at her ass as she was spread wide open and began to kiss her cheeks. Then he kissed down to her hole and licked it and kissed it. He told her "Are you ready to get that ass fucked like a nasty whore? You want my big cock in that tight round ass?" She answered "Yes fuck my ass and fuck it hard. Stick your big shaft in me deep. Make me your whore. Ride my ass hard. Now finger fuck me and get me ready for that big fat cock." He spread her ass wide open and licked it then spit on it and shoved his finger in her and fucked her. Then he shoved another finger in her and fucked her harder. After the third finger he had her moaning and screaming. His cock was rock hard and wanting that sexy ass. He kept her ass spread wide as he pushed his cock to her hole. Slowly he entered her. He then told her "Get ready bitch. I am going to fuck you like a dirty whore. I am going to stretch that ass wide open. You will feel my big boy deep in your hole. You are going to beg me to stick my cock in your ass and cock fuck you all the time." Then he pushed more in her and pushed till he had all of it in her. Then he pounded her asshole. As his cock went in and out he looked at how her ass was stretched for his wide cock. He fucked her as she screamed in pain and pleasure.

Her ass was warm and so tight. He loved the feel of this sexy hole. He wanted to fuck her hard and let his cock feel how tight she was. He would pull his cock almost out then ram it back in. Her feet were kept spread by the cuffs around her ankles. It took him longer to cum this time so he was able to fuck her ass hard and deep for a long while. When he reached under her and shoved two fingers in her cunt she really screamed and he knew this time his horny bitch was screaming in pleasure as she loved her cunt fingered. He then said "Scream louder baby. Want me to finger that cunt harder like I am pounding that ass? You like it rough don't you. I am going to make that cunt and ass mine. I am going to own you and fuck you and knock you up three of four times. Wait till I shove this big thick cock down your throat. I bet you suck cock good too. I am going to find out." He fucked her ass a long time till he was ready to fill her with cum.

He then undid her ankle cuffs and pulled her down on his lap and kissed her. "I want you baby. Come live with me and be my lover. Marry me and give me babies and fuck me all the time. I want that sexy body. You are so sexy and horny and beautiful. I have wanted you for a long time. Please be mine. I will give you everything you need and we can fuck all day and night. I crave your hot cunt and ass. You have the biggest sexy tits that make a man get on his knees."

Two years later they stood in their nursery looking at their new baby boy. She looked at him and said "Come with mommy and I better nurse you before our hungry son wakes up and needs some of my big full tits. They were both naked as they didn't need clothes since they married. They were like two horny teen agers. They laid on the bed and he nursed her tits which were now twice the size since they filled with milk. He hadn't fucked her for a month but she was the best cock sucker and kept him pleasured many times a day.



Date:  13.07.16

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