Special meal

Linda had decided that she wanted to be treated to a speacial meal. She had invited 10 people around and had made every effort for her guests.

Tey had a lovely meal and some conversation about what might be for desert. Linda had said that she had rather hoped that they had brought desert with them as she really just wanted to suck on their cocks.

Linda was persuaded to tkae off her dress and was now just in her heels and ligerie while all 10 men presented their cocks to her in turn. She was delighted as they complemented her on her body and technique, making sure each man was left wth a nice hard cock.

While she was now switching betwenn two of the cocks sucking them in turn someone unhoooked her bra and began to feel Lindas tits. There were hands now pulling at her nipples as she continued to suck on any cock that was presented to her mouth. She felt more aroused than ever as she swallowed her first load of cum.

Linda was now on her bak with one man positioned over her face and litterally fucking her mouth. Her knickers were rolled down her legs and she immediately spread her legs wide for all to see her clean shaven pussy. Fingers now entered her already wet pussy as one of the men asked if she was ready for another cock. Linda asked them to line up on the sofa. She mounted the first one facing the room her body being continually caressed by wandering hands. Some even sttod over her forcing a cock into her welcoming mouth as she now shifed between the seated men taking each in her pusst in turn. She was so aroused she didn't think twice when a second man came up to her face to face and began to rub his cock over her pussy. He asked her if she liked all this cock. Linda said she did, she loved it and wanted to fuck them all dry. Linda moaned as he now worked the head of his cock against her clit and then tried to slip it into her pussy. It wasn't going to work. The first man now withdrew his cock and then presented it at her ass. Let's see how much she likes anal he said. Linda didn;t normally take cock in her ass, but as she was now sucking on a thick throbbing veiny b**st of a cock she wasn't able to say. His cock was drenched in her pussy juices as he slid the head into her sticky anus. Now she was just sucking at the pulsating head of the cock in her mouth enjoying it between her lips as a new cock now f***ed it's way into her pussy.

She had always enjoyed sex, but this was different, Linda was now experiencing cock in all of her holes. She cupped her breasts taking a nipple between her fingertips. She was at the mercy of their cocks. Linda was now cumming hard for the cock fucking her pussy. There was a pain in her ass but as his cock moved gently she enjpyed some of the feeling.

It was now anothe mans turn to fuck her exposed pussy as she lapped up her juices from the cock now cumming in her mouth. She smiled at the as Linda said she was loving all the cock just for her. The man fucking her ass said he wanted to cum on her tits. Linda now moved along to the next seated man and holding his cock firmly she slid it up her ass. It was a little less thick than the last one so she was fucking it as she felt a cock inside her pussy again. Linda begged to suck on some balls. There was a pair under her nose in no time as she took them both into her mouth.

Linda was sucking as hard as she was getting fucked adn it wasnlt long before she found herself laying over the arm of the sofa with two cocks now jerking off over her as she fingered her pussy to a climax.

She was still there centre of attention, Linda told them that she had not realised what this would turn into. Her eyes were wide and eager to see the two loads of cum as they finally unloaded over her ample chest. She longed for more as she pulled a cock towards her asking if he still wanted to double fuck her pussy. There was only a short pause before Linda was being mounted onto a cock as she had been earlier on, only this time she was asking them to fuck her. She could feel herself wanting it more that before, she has a twinkle in her eye as she told them she wanted it so bad. Linda could feel her pussy being stretched as the second cock was f***ed in. It took a little work but soon Linda could feel that they were both in up to the hilt. She was loving being such a cock slut. They fucked her slowly at first, really only the guy on top was fucking her and her worked up to a f***eful fuck as Linda could feel herself cumming hard and litterally forcing the cum out of both their cocks into her pussy.

Linda moved to the centre of the room kneeling on the floor asking them to cum for her one last time. She sucked on a couple of the cocks longing to feel the warm splashes of cum on her now hard nippled tits. She could feel cum now dripping from her pussy as load after load was directed at her chest or at her mouth which now she let fall along with some saliva onto her now glistening body.

Linda was fortunate to know she was a real cock slut loving cock in all her holes, sometimes more than one.



Date:  13.07.16

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