Southern black lover

I am an average looking 43 year old white women of medium build ( 5' 6'' and 158 lbs.
Today, I am married to my wonderful husband whom is white and our oldest two daughters just went off to college here in Louisiana.
Before Steve and I got married and while I was dating him, I had a one time affair with a very attractive Creole black guy.

He had an average black color skin yet, he had beautiful green colored eyes.
Jerome played football at the same high school and lived on the same rural road that I did here in southern Louisiana.
One sticky humid night while I was in my parent's house along with my s****rs, I had my bedroom window open and the curtains pulled open in efforts to get cool in our non air conditioned home.
I had a small night stand lamp on while I was doing my homework.
Jerome was a senior and I was a freshman there at our high school.
From outside my window, I heard my name being called in a soft whisper voice.
I looked out the window and found Jerome standing there outside the window wearing running shorts and a tank top.
I was surprised to see him but, eager to take up his invite to sneak out of the house and meet him in our garage that sat a distance from the house in the back.
Jerome had already let himself in thru the unlocked entrance door.
I was always curious to see what a black penis looked like and as I sneaked out from the house and ran to the garage, I felt pretty sure that I was soon going to get that opportunity with Jerome.
As I entered the inside of the garage, I found Jerome in just a pair of boxer underwear.
I was still wearing my cotton night nightgown with panties underneath but no bra.
Jerome had turned on all the lights inside.
We had privacy because there was only the lockable entrance door that I made sure was locked behind me as I closed the door.
Jerome said that he had always thought that I was the prettier one of us girls in my f****y. I did not really think that of myself although I had my fair share of dates and boyfriends.
Jerome gently walked up to me and calmly took me into his arms.
I somewhat put my arms around him as he started to hold me closer to his robust chest.
Me being just about 6 inches smaller in height compared to him, I felt confident in myself to resist him if I chose to.
Jerome had a low yet deep to voice.
I had always heard before, that a man's deep tone voice might reflect the size of his penis.
Jerome lifted my head upwards to face him in the eye as he told me that he had always had a crush on me since growing up down the street from me.
I really didn't really say much in return because I did not feel the same about him.
Don't get me wrong. Jerome was good looking and strong but, it was not him that I would think of to discover what a black penis really looked like.
I had seen plenty of photos of what a black man's penis looked like before and found myself to be interested in seeing one in person. I had always thought I would strive to get my experience before I became a married women.
And that hot humid summer night, I got my chance.
As Jerome held me closer, I could feel his penis hardening as we pressed against each.
We started to make gentle light kisses upon each others lips when I began to feel him work his hands down onto my butt.
As he would squeeze my buttocks I would start to feel my vagina start to get warm and I could feel my clit stiffen and start to pulse from arousal.
Still with me not speaking, he continued to praise me about his dreams to have sex with me. We smiled as each other as the experience was taking place.
Then Jerome slowly put his big hands underneath my night gown and slipping my panties downward.
As my panties fell to the ground around my ankles he lifted off my gown leaving me fully exposed to him.
As I began to feel my arousal getting stronger, I wanted this strong young man to pick up the pace and get going into our love making.
Two days earlier, I had finished my period and because our f****y had been having difficulties with our well not having ample water for bathing, I began to fear that I might have some unpleasant odor down there.
Not long after I had started to concern myself with that issue, Jerome had dropped to his knees as he kneeled before me gently kissing and sucking my lower stomach and waist.
These were back in the days when waxing was not going on.
I did not really have an abundance of pubic hair back at that age.
I continued to watch Jerome as he appreciated my body when I saw that he was somewhat resisting in going down on me like I was anticipating.
Then suddenly he looked up me and said that I smelled like spoiled seafood.
Oh, I was so embarrassed as I felt this would stop him from performing oral sex on me.
Then Jerome asked me to turn around and bend over.
As I did what he asked of me, I could feel my butt being spread apart by his firm hands.
I could feel his breath around my anus as he paused for a moment and then said that my anus didn't smell any different.
I just felt so little and embarrassed as he turned me back to face him again.
Then to my pleasant surprise as he pulled an old blanket from my daddy's work bench and laid it out upon the floor. He said with a sense of pride that he was somewhat turned by my smell.
Wow, I thought to myself, is he putting me on or what.
But as I laid on my back on the blanket, I saw him lay down on his stomach and move closer to my vagina and anus area as he moved my legs apart and lift them over his shoulders.
Then he just kind of sniffed and then lick my anus first.
I thought to myself, is he going to really make love to my anus instead of my vagina ?
He stopped for a brief second and said to me that he felt it was a turn on to him to eat out a white girl being natural and allowing him to love having my ass and labia in his mouth.
I still did not trust him until he ordered me to turn over onto my stomach as he told me bend my butt into the air and lean down on my elbows.
And then I felt him again breathing against my anus.
Then I could feel his moist tongue start to dart in and out of it.
I felt an urge to moan in shear pleasure as this guy was serious about enjoying eating out a girl who had a foul strong musky odor down there.
Jerome spent what seemed to be hours tongue fucking my butt.
I don't know when it was before I felt as if I was going to reach an organism with being butt tongued.
But, I did !
It was fantastic !
Certainly new for me.
Then he moved on to my vagina and soon his warm tongue was at a good consist pace upon my clit.
Without any doubt, I came. And wow, I came.!
I felt somewhat exhausted from the pleasure that this guy had just given me.
But, I was eager to tell him to roll over onto his back and I knelt over his groin and searched for his scent around his bulging boxer shorts.
I can not recall just when it was while I was trying to smell his testicles and of course, his penis.
When all the sudden the thick lighter colored, head of his huge penis was within 10 inches from my face.
I was amazed to see my first black penis in person and see just how big it looked.
No offense to the white men.
Or, in my case, young aged back then, boys.
My previous real life experience of exposure to a guys' size had me comparing these white guys of four different times with some of those boyfriends that I had dad.
In general, I would say without measuring those four different penises , that they were about 5 or 6 inches long.
When I fifteen, I once dated a twenty year old man.
His penis was probably the longest, being 6" or so.
Jerome's was larger.
Again without measuring it, I would feel confident to say that Jerome's penis was 8" and somewhat thicker.
I smelled Jerome's penis and found it to smell no different than the previous four penises.
I moved eagerly to kiss the tip of it.
Then I put him into my mouth and tongued the underneath of his circumcised penis.
I remember looking up to his face and falling in love with those beautiful green eyes of his while I sucked my first black penis.
After what felt like hours, due my tongue getting tired, Jerome asked me if he needed to pull out of my mouth because he was soon to cum.
I continued to suck him as I tried to smile while still sucking.
The veins of his penis were enlarged and notable in feeling to my lips of my mouth.
I began to notice that the channel containing his semen was swelling as my tongue cradled it in steady strokes.
I felt so proud and happy that this guy had giving me such wonderful oral sex despite the fishy smell of my vagina and I was going to repay him by swallowing his sperm.
It was the first time for me to allow any ejaculation in my mouth let alone, swallowing it.
But, I wanted to taste it too.
When his ejaculation began, he moaned and arched his back and pushed his pelvis against my face shoving his penis down into my throat.
I remember the warm, thick and salty taste of his semen.
By the way. In my later years to come. The taste of semen to me, has always been salty.
For some reason, I also remember that I had the desire to smell his semen.
During his ejaculation into my mouth.
I was trying to accommodate his penis and all of his sperm.
However, some dribbled down to my breast.
I wiped it with my hand and smelled it.
Here in Louisiana, we have wild clover that grows in early spring.
To me, when you pull some of it from the ground and smell its' roots, it has about the same type of scent.

The experience of sex with my first black lover was cut short when I heard my mom's voice shouting out my name in the backyard.
Jerome and I quickly put our clothes back on as I reached for the light switch and turned it off as I came out and walked towards her standing there at the back porch light.
I heard Jerome dashes through the brush heading out away from the dark garage behind me as I got closer to my mom.
When she asked me what was I doing out there in the dark and away from my bedroom, I told her that I thought I could hear the cries of my lost kitty cat that had been missing a week earlier.
As I stepped in the full glow of the light, mom said " oh, honey you need to wipe from under your nose. You need to dry those tears and just keep your prayers up that Little Boots come back soon. "

Days later, Jerome and I saw each other in the hallway at school and made plans to get together again and continue our relationship as soon as we could.
I could tell we were starting to fall in love with each other.
I was Jerome's first white girl to have sex with.
And he was my first and only relationship to have had with a black guy.
We dropped off letters at each other's school locker and would talk on the phone.

Just two days before we were to get together again for sex.
Jerome was with his step daddy and was killed in a car wreck over in deep east Texas.

I have always believed that if Jerome had not died, we would have been married and he would have been the love of my life.

I still love Jerome and dream and remember his beautiful green eyes.



Date:  13.07.16

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