Sharing my wife in a club

I have an extremely sexy and kinky wife … she has that ability to make men hard just by looking at them …she even makes some of my friends hard….

My wife and I are still very young (early 20s), and we go out regularly … my wife is a bomb shell and enjoys working out regularly to keep that amazing body in shape for her man and to show it off to other male spectators;) … she has a coca cola shaped body……. perfectly shaped calves and thick thighs that go up into a lovely firm bubble butt for a ass with 36 C cups and lovely large round areolas that are perfect to play with.
My wife recently tinted her hair blonde and it made her look so sexual and hot ….even more then I could ever imagine … and being the naughty kinky woman that she is she enjoyed using that to her advantage .... So I decided to show her new look off. I decided to take her out to a place that we have never been to before making sure she dressed up just right for the occasion
She wore a black and white waitress dress that she bought at a kinky boutique that day with red stiletto heels and knee high net stockings that still showed off those sexy legs and of course, she never required any underwear which was usual when we went out …..And to top it off she wore some very sexy devil horns .As soon as I saw her, my 7 inch very thick cock grew instantly… I wanted to bend her over right there and stick my growing cock into her cunt…. It took all my restraint to stop myself ….I saw that I was going to have an extremely kinky and exciting night with my wife…
On our way to the club my wife started telling me how sexy, dirty and naughty she was feeling and how it was making her cunt wet…. She then proceeded in unzipping my jeans and went straight to sucking my cock…. Since my wife was been such a dirty little slut for me I decided to reward her with some of her favorite white powder that I always kept with me just in case I needed to
Since she was doing such a good job sucking my cock I decided to stop on the highway and make a nice fat line for her which after she had made her feel so dirty and awesome…and I could see that dirty lust in her eyes ….. I reached down and felt how juicy and wet her cunt was. My little slut was so turned on and I loved it….
As we arrived at the club I gave her some more powder as she made my cock so wet and hard with her mouth. Before we could enter the club she made sure I squirted every drop of my hot thick cum all over her tits just to make her feel sluttier which she knows I like ….
From the moment we walked in the club I immediately saw how many men was checking my hot wife out which made my cock tingle … We went straight to the bar and I ordered 4 tequilas for her and Smirnoff storm because I know how d***k and horny it makes her … I ordered myself a whiskey as I did not want to get to d***k because I wanted to enjoy seeing my dirty wife’s behavior.
After about 2 hours the dance floor was getting more and more crowded and my wife becoming more intoxicated and horny as she was checking out the men that where undressing her with their eyes, she grabbed my hand and led me to the centre of the dance floor and began moving her hips to the music. I enjoyed watching that for a few minutes and when I could not take watching her looking so provocative and slutty in front of me I pulled her into me so I can feel that sexy hips and ass grind against my package. As she was doing that I noticed how the men were looking at her dancing and grinding her hips seductively…. I whispered in her ear “do you notice how those men are picturing you naked right now” and she immediately let out a moan loudly and pushed her ass hard onto my crotch.
I took my hands and started rubbing it up and down her body without her noticing I placed one hand under her dress from behind spreading her legs a little. She let out a huge moan which the guys dancing next to us definitely heard and immediately turned around and looked at what I was doing to her. I slipped my fingers down her slit and felt how wet her cunt was. Her juices where literally dripping from her cunt down her thighs … her eyes were closed and she continued moaning while my fingers caressed her cunt..She had no idea that we were being watched by half the men on the dance floor ….
Suddenly a middle aged man came up in front of her and started dancing with my wife. She opened her eyes and smiled at him seductively she then took his hands and placed them on her hips guiding them up and down her body… seeing this I whispered in her ear that I’m going to the bar but she should continue dancing with this man and I will be watching her from the couches. I told her to enjoy all the attention from all the men around her. She turned around and gave me a passionate kiss and spanked my ass as I left. When I got to the couches and got comfortable I looked where my wife was dancing and saw 4 men dancing around her…. 2 of them had their hands under her dress as she was sandwiched between them and I noticed how she was enjoying this as her eyes were closed and I could see by the way her lips where parted how she was loving it. My cock instantly grew by the sight of how my wife looked like a cheap whore.
I called her over and kissed her passionately and told her how hot she was looking and that she deserved some more powder for that which instantly made her smile at me in such a naughty way. I took her outside and gave her some more powder which made her cunt even more wet and told her she better go back inside and make her man proud… I walked back in and sat on the couches and she made her way back to the dance floor but a lot closer to me so I could see what she was doing. I watched as a guy came over and started dancing with her and she immediately took his hands and placed it on her body and pulled closer to him so she could grind the cute ass against him. My cock started to tingle. She then looked over to me and gave me a naughty wink and took her hand and placed it on his crotch. At this time of the night the club was filled with mostly men. She took her hand of his cock and pushed him slightly away from her. She turned and looked at me, smiled and pulled down her dress making it fall to the floor. She stood grinding her hips from side to side in just her heels stockings and horns. She called me over with her finger and immediately turned around to dance with that man showing me her lovely ass swaying in front of him… by this time lots of men started to form a circle around her watching her dance with that man. I pushed my way into the circle and walked up behind my wife and squeezed her naked ass cheek and sandwiched her between that guy and myself. Hearing all the cheers from those guys I started squeezing my wife’s tits as she was grinding against that guy and I worked her to unzip my pants and take out my cock which she did obediently…. I then told her to take that mans cock out, she looked at me and smiled and immediately started to unzip him and take his cock out…. That site made me rock hard- my dirty wife sandwiched between me and another man playing with his cock and mine.. This made some men in the circle around us takes out there cocks and began playing with them. My wife seemed to love being the centre of attention… she just looked around at the circle that she was entrapped in, spread her legs, getting down on her knees in front of myself n this man and placed both our cocks at the entrance of her mouth and began running her pierced tongue around our cock heads….oooooh the way I was enjoying this dirty feeling… my wife was out of her “lady like” shell… she was being utterly and completely filthy which made me go mad…. I pulled my wife up by her arm, bent her over and thrust my rock hard cock as hard and as deep as I could into her dripping wet cunt…. she screamed out in pure pleasure and grabbed the other mans cock and started sucking his length like a crazed out sex manic…. It was a fucking fantasy come true….. The site of all the men around us watching my slut wife sucking a stranger’s cock like mad women while being fucked doggy style was beyond anything I’ve felt before!! The guy whose cock was fucking my wife’s face was in heaven… he stood there with his cock being slurped very well by my wife’s very eager, wet mouth. As I thrust my cock in and out of her I looked around to see that most of the men around us were now openly wanking their hardons and moving closer towards us… before I knew it I saw the man who’s cock was originally in my wife’s mouth being replaced by another man’s cock, as well as both her hands being filled with more hard cocks…. Men were coming and touching her body, biting her tits and feeling her cunt…. It was so overwhelming…. I began thrusting harder…. Fucking her faster…. Pulling her body more onto my cock with her ass… I couldn’t handle it anymore… I moaned and came deep inside her….
After making her suck every remaining drop of cum out of my cock I took a step back and watched as my wife was enjoying all these other men that where making her scream

The fact that I came didn’t seem to have any effect on this very hot situation… one cock after the next were just being replaced in my wife’s mouth, hands and even juicy cunt…. while having their cocks pleasured, my wife abruptly stopped her sexual activity with the guys… she straightened up and walked over to me…. Pulled me by my hand while whispering in my ear to get those men to follow us to the couches…. I looked at their puzzled, disappointed faces and motioned for them with my hand to follow us…. My wife then sat me down on the couch and got down on her knees in front of my semi hard cock and began sucking me. Making sure she made my cock as wet as possible with her spit…. My wife’s sex toys were back for her slutty attention…. Three men had their hands all over her…. pinching her nipples, squeezing her ass, fingering her cunt and her ass…. She was enjoying it….. once she was satisfied that my cock was super wet, she turned around facing her back to me, spread her ass cheeks and told me to “put that big hard cock inside my asshole right now”!! I didn’t need to be told twice. I took my cock and put it slowly inside my women’s ass….

The feeling was so ecstatic and the feeling was so good I came so quickly inside my wifes ass and as my cum dripped out of my wifes ass another men inserted his cock into her …. I just sat back on the couches and watched and composed myself … and after about 5 minutes I walked over to my wife and told her that’s enough fun for you for 1 night and we going home now ….. like an obedient whore she stopped all the men picked up her dress and put her heels back on and just walked out out the club naked and jumped in the car and we left.



Date:  13.07.16

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