Our first cuckold

I thought TGIF as I walked into the house after traveling all day. I found my wife in the bathroom just finishing up after a shower. I was welcomed with, “Yeah, my baby is home” that and a nice kiss and hug. She said “ I know your probably tired, whatya say we go out to eat and have a drink”?,…I said “that sounds good to me”. She turned to go back to the bathroom and let her towel drop to the floor, turned her head and said “ When we get back we’ll have some fun”,…not knowing what was really gonna happen later I just smiled and said “ sounds good to me”. Here’s the rundown on my wife, she’s 44 and a mother, strawberry blonde, blue eyes, 5’ 6”, slender, 34C, nice ass and has a sultry slow Georgia peach drawl.
She came into the living room announcing she was ready and looking incredibly hot. Black pumps, black mini-skirt and a black long sleeve sheer, almost see through blouse with a black lacy bra underneath, very sexy but not without taste I might add,…just enough to make you wonder and say “hmmmm”.
We had talked and fantasized about many things in the past and I would always come back to wanting to watch her with another man, friends and strangers. Apparently I was a cuckold before I knew what it was LOL. While having sex I would bring it up and she would talk about some of our male friends that she thought were hot or sexy but not going into to any detail. After much discussion I assured her at some point that if an opportunity came about she should go for it. She was still interested but played it off at the time.
Dinner came and went and after a couple of drinks she asked “Wanna go to a club and have a few dances”?,….with that look in her eye. She knows I don’t dance but she absolutely loves to. This always amounts to me just sitting and watching her dance with friends or strangers. But here’s the deal, she can’t help being sexy when she dances, it’s a natural thing I guess. Anytime that we have done this in the past I have gotten so turned on I could hardly contain my cock and she gets turned on by the attention from other guys and I’m sure by having their hands all over her. We usually go home and have an all nighter from being so turned on. Again I just smiled and said “how can I say no to that look” She did say earlier that we would have some fun later on when we got home,…little did I know.
At the club we barely ordered drinks and she hit the dance floor. It didn’t take but a minute for some guys to think she was alone and started dancing with her. Here we go, my cock is hard watching her do her thing,…after a couple of dances she went to the restroom and as she was coming back to our table I noticed she took her bra off. I could see her nipples against the sheer top and as she approached she said “whew it’s hot out there”, she kissed me and asked for a couple more dances and said the last guy she was dancing with wants to buy her a drink and if it was okay to sit with him for minute. I said “have some fun baby”,…she leaned over and breathed heavy in my ear, rubbed her hand across my hard cock and said “he’s hot too”,…she smiled, gave me that look and sashayed away. I felt my cock getting wet after that,….my God how sexy hot is all this!
They sat next to each other and drank and talked at his table and I could see her occasionally leaning into him and saying some things in his ear. They got up and hit the dance floor and this time she was all over him and he had his hands all over her, they were both getting hot and I thought I was gonna cum in my pants watching my wife be so sexy with this guy,…she leaned in and said some more things in his ear and after a few whisper exchanges by both of them she turned and came back to our table,….but she wasn’t smiling,….she had a very serious look on her face as she approached me. She literally straddled my leg and pushed her pussy against me and again breathed into my ear and said, “ this is the opportunity”. I was stunned, speechless and about to cum right then and there. She leaned back and looked at me and said “do you know what I’m talking about”? I managed to say yes. She went on to tell me that her dance partner “Doug” asked her to leave with him etc,…but she explained the situation to him, assuring him it was okay and that they could have fun but she wanted me to be there and that he was game as long as I was cool with it. This also meant she had already made up her mind …she wanted to do this!, so I asked “so you wanna do this?” She kissed me sliding her tongue in my mouth and then whispered in my ear“ he is sooo hot, my pussy is wet,….tell me it’s okay,….I want you to watch,…tell me you wanna watch”,….I played with her for a second and said “what do you want me to watch, tell me exactly what you want”,…she said “I wanna fuck him, I want you to watch me fuck him, please say okay”.
I said “ you already know the answer,…I’m about to cum right now thinking about it, yes I wanna watch”. All the while she was grinding her pussy against my leg. Dinner, drinks, Doug?,…not sure what the secret was but it was workin’!,…..She went and got him and brought him over for a quick introduction and promptly said “well lets leave”,…we decided to get a hotel room and made small talk on the way. I went in and got the room and returned to the car to find them making out in the back seat, she was rubbing his cock through his pants and he had his hand under her blouse working on her tits. I couldn’t move fast enough to park. We got to the room, Doug sat on the bed, my wife dialed up some tunes and I used the restroom. I came out of the restroom and was greeted by her and a hot kiss. She said “are you sure this is gonna be okay?”,….I said “God yes!, we’ve been fantasizing and talking about this for a long time, as long as you want to do it”. She gave me that look again and said “well it depends on one thing, we haven’t really discussed in detail but it just kinda goes without saying I guess”
I asked “and whats that”?,…she slipped that hot tongue of hers in my mouth again and moved to my ear, her breathe was so hot,…then she said “ for this to be good I have to be a complete slut,….that’s what you want isn’t it?”,…my dick throbbed again and I could feel the wetness in my pants. I said “yes baby do it let me see you be a slut”. She said “lock the door and have a seat, I’m gonna be such a nasty slut”.
She was dancing in front of Doug for moment and announced she had to pee, she came out of the bathroom in just her top and panties. She danced in front of him again and he stood up as she turned and faced me,…sitting in the corner chair. He ran his hands up her thighs one stopped to rub her pussy and the other moved to her tits. She looked at me as she unbuttoned her top, his hand was steady rubbing her pussy and the other on her tits. He slid her top off and slid a hand down her panties, she turned her head and slid her tongue out for him to kiss,… fucking hot! I got naked in record time never leaving my chair as she turned to him and pulled off his shirt and undid his pants. He tugged at her panties which she slid off her hips, fell to the floor and stepped out of. I was flipping out!,…stroking my cock,….I was in a sexual trance watching my wife. She sat him down and pulled his pants and underwear off. She knelt down and instantly grabbed his cock in her hands and started stroking it slowly and deliberately and cupping his balls. She loves to talk during sex and said to him “ Mmmm such a nice cock, I’ve been wanting to suck it all night”, with that she leaned forward and started licking his balls and slid her tongue up to the top of his cock, she turned her head and and saw that I was steady stroking my cock, she pulled on his cock one hard time and held it as his precum flowed out, then she swirled her tongue around the head of his cock spreading his precum all around. I know this routine, she likes to do this, so it’s good and wet when she slides it into her mouth, she gave me that look again and turned to slide his cock in her mouth. He moaned, she moaned and I came like a space rocket taking off, my God she was sucking his cock! She continued to suck his cock as she slowly and deliberately stroked it with her hands,…she was moaning with delight as she licked and sucked his cock,…just like a little slut, she was determined to make him cum,….I was freakin’ the hell out watching her,….Doug said “your gonna make me cum” she moaned with pleasure letting him know that’s what she wanted and said “oh yeah give it to me baby, give me that hot cum”,….with that he stood up abruptly and grabbed his cock and started stroking it with one hand and grabbed her by the hair with the other and being the nasty slut she positioned her head and opened wide, he was practically screaming and she was grunting repeatedly wanting him to cum,…he went up on his toes, threw his head back and started shooting cum all over her face, down on her chest and tits and in her mouth. She was lapping it up and swallowing what she could like I had never seen before,….like a cum slut!,…I loved it! She was wiping it off her chest and licking her fingers and then the best,…she used both hands to smear it all over her tits, then cupped her tits and pinched her nipples as she slid his cock back into her mouth, he pulled it out several times and rubbed it all over her mouth and face spreading cum all over her and then letting her lick and suck what cum was left,….she was so fucking hot!,….I had never seen her like this before,….she laid on the floor and he fell over on the bed, both trying to breath. After a few minutes she crawled over to me and raised up enough to grab my now hard again cock and started stroking it ever so slowly, she slid her tongue in my mouth as she kissed me hard, then she said “can you taste it, can you taste his cock in my mouth?”, “did you like watching me?”, “was I a good cock sucking slut?”,….I was fucking delirious and mumbled “yes baby I loved it”. She moaned in approval and said “we’re not done yet, I want to fuck him, I want him to treat me like a slut, you want to watch me fuck him don’t you?” I said “ after that blow job I think he understands who he’s dealing with now, go tell him you want to fuck, tell him what you want baby”,…..she got up and walked to the bed and layed down with him talking in his ear for a minute. Then she moved and straddled his face and she lowered her pussy to his mouth as she held on to the headboard,….his hands were on her ass spreading her pussy open,…she was saying things like “oh yeah lick my pussy baby”, “tease my clit really fast with your tongue”,….and then the one thing that sends her into orbit,…”slide the tip of your finger in my ass”,…..she was asking for everything she wanted, I could tell he slid his finger in her ass cause she started whimpering with her moans, “oh God I’m gonna cum”, “make me cum!” she started moaning, whimpering and breathing in short bursts,….I couldn’t keep my hands off my cock as I watched her grinding her pussy on his tongue and mouth,….then she let it out, ”oh yeah, oh yeah, God I’m cumming!!! She was practically convulsing, twitching and sighing with pleasure as she dismounted him and fell over on her back,….she reached down and stroked her pussy slowly and hard a few times to finish her pleasure,...again, I know what that means too,….she’s ready to fuck. She grabbed and pulled at Doug letting him know and said “fuck me” He told her he wanted to get behind her and without hesitating she got into position with her head laying toward the end of the bed, she turned her head to the left as always, raised that sweet little ass of hers and spread her legs to let him have his way. I always tell her when she’s getting in this position she has a wonderful way of appearing to “serve up her pussy” for fucking, and that’s exactly what she did for him, she served up her pussy, she was ready and wanted it bad,….as he was getting into position she was reaching under and stroking her pussy waiting for his cock. She was moaning and purring for him,….I was still freaking out and steadily rubbing and stroking my cock. I looked at her face and again she gave me that look and in a whimpering beg she asked him out loud, “fuck me baby, please fuck me”,…I was about to cum again and had to stop touching my cock for a moment,…I sat up on the edge of the chair now,…here we go, she is gonna let another man fuck that hot little pussy of hers,…hell she’s begging for it now!,….Doug grabbed her ass with one hand and guided his cock to her pussy with the other, he grabbed her hips with both hands and slid his cock all the way in her pussy and just held on to her and didn’t move. She let out a gasping “ oooh yeah”,and grabbed two fists full of covers to hang on,…Doug was figuring some things out by now,…holding her tight against his cock he said “This is what you’ve been wanting all night isn’t it?”,…she said “oh God yes”, “your cock feels so good!”,…Doug then ordered her,”grind your pussy on my cock, show me how you like it”, “let him see what a little cock slut you are”….she started grinding her ass against him, whimpering and cooing for him in pleasure as he held his grip tight and his cock in her pussy as deep as it would go. Doug said “do you like that baby?”, “do you like fucking that hard cock?”,….she belted out “yes, oh yes”, I ‘m gonna cum!”,…with that she repeatedly started, grunting and moaning, when she came she just went limp and began to alternate between whimpering and gasping for breath,…. I was in disbelief and seventh heaven at the same time,…Doug didn’t let go of that grip but began to slowly move his cock in and out of her pussy so she could enjoy cumming even more. With that she was done, she had no fight left in her and I realized at this point she had no choice but to be his slut and just take what he wanted to do, he knew it too. He said “mmmm,..are you ready for a nice hard fast fuck now?”,….she said “yes, treat me like a slut, fuck me hard, fuck me”,…he started to really give it to her hard and fast, her ass was smacking against him loudly, and she was just moaning and blurting out things like, “fuck me, fuck my pussy, fuck me hard”,…then he said “do want a finger in that tight little ass baby?”,…she didn’t answer,….”tell me do you want a finger in your ass?”,….I was freaking out!!!!,…..finally she blurted out “ I want your cock in my ass, fuck my ass!”,…he slowly eased his cock in her ass as she whimpered and wheezed in pain and pleasure and after a minute or so she gave him the go ahead,…”give it to me, fuck my ass”,….he started fucking her again and all she did was let out whimpers, cries and deep raspy throat noises,….Doug was getting that look on his face, I knew exactly how he felt, I knew exactly how her sweet little asshole felt when I fucked her,….he was ready to cum,….she managed to beg at this point, “cum for me baby, fill my ass with cum, please give it to me”,…that pushed him over the edge and he started cumming, he thrust into her and held it as he started filling her full of cum,…she was steady telling him “ oh yeah that’s it baby, oh yeah give me that cum, oh yeah it feels so good in my ass”,…he relaxed after stroking her ass a few more times and fell back on the bed. I stood up and went to my wife and turned her over,…standing beside her, I put her hand to my cock and with just a couple of strokes I came all over her face making sure she got a mouth full,…Doug said “ dude you are very lucky to have such a sexy wife and I don’t mean any disrespect to either of you and I mean this in the best possibly way, (looking at my wife) “ you are nasty the way nasty is suppose to be,…slutty”. We all passed out and were awakened by the maid service banging on the door the next day. We keep in contact with Doug and occasionally hook up,…I loved it and she loved it, although it took her a few days to recover LOL...



Date:  13.07.16

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