My first lesbian experience

I can't exactly say my age at the time, but I was an early bloomer. Jessica and me had been friends since we were little, so truthfully I had always found her attractive. I had gotten into boys and lost my virginity almost a year before this experience. So that's the little bit to set up where we were. Jessica then was about 5' and 95 lbs, long black, sexy hair. She was further developed than me, about a full c-cup versus my barely a-cup. She had this nice big sexy butt, probably still a bit from baby phat, but she was stunning.

It was a hot summer evening, and I was staying at Jessica's house. We were alone in her bedroom in the late evening, her parents out for an evening of dinner and dancing, not to be back until late. We were two giggly girls, talking about boys, and comparing our current boyfriends. That's when she asked if I had any interest in girls. I had to really think about it, I mean I guess i never really had, well other than Jessica. I had definitely felt tingling when I had seen her naked a couple times or when we roughhoused, but never really thought about that kind of thing. I must have blushed cause she giggled at me, "I bet you have," she said. "Well yeah, if I had to pick one, I guess I kind..of," I said shyly. We had always been open and close with each other, and didn't see a point in lying to her, and I told her about the feelings I had been having.

"So would you eat me out then," she asked blatantly. I could feel my face go hot, I must have been the shade of lobster, come on she was me best friend and we were both girls. "Come on, really Jess," I asked in a playful tone and then the a pillow at her and we roughhoused. I would come to learn later that Jessica had recently been seduced by an older woman, and it made her realize, she wanted me, and I was along for the ride.

We roughhoused, making a mess of her bedroom, and eventually she pinned me down, I could have gotten out if I had really tried, but before I could, she leaned down and kissed me on the lips. I had made out with plenty of guys, but her lips were so soft, unlike anything I had ever experienced. I resisted at first, but her soft kiss, I melted into it, and began to kiss her back hotly. I could feel my pussy tingling s we made out on her bedroom floor, her hands releasing my arms. My arms gently reached up and wrapped around her neck, pulling her close as i might have done to my boyfriend. We both Eventually came up for air, both of our breathing fast and ragged. I giggled up to her, from then I was hooked.

My hands began to explore her body, caressing her firm breasts through her t-shirt, watching as her nipples grew hard against the material. She let out a soft sigh and crossed her hands in front of her, grabbing her shirt and pulling it off over her head. God her boobs, they were bigger than mine already, at least going on a c-cup when myself was barely an a-cup. Her aerials we big, and her nipples like thick eraser nubs. I leaned up and took her left nipple in my mouth, sucking on it, biting it gently between my teeth just like how I liked it. By now I could already feel my pussy was sopping wet, my fluids soaking through the panties I was wearing. Jess must have noticed cause she was watching my crotch and eventually pulled away.

I leaned up and removed my shirt before laying back down and then we began to kiss again, our pantie covered pussies grinding into each other. God, I could feel her grinding on my clit, both of our moaning into the other's mouth as we made out, our tongues dueling for supremacy. Before I could really enjoy it, she broke away and began to kiss my neck and then down to my left nipple which was already harder than diamond and bit into it. I could feel my back arch as she toyed with my nipple, trying to push more into her mouth. And then she started on my right nipple, her fingers tweaking at my left. I could feel the knot in my belly already tightening as she began kissing her way down my belly to my panties. She hooked her fingers into my waistband and I lifted my ass so she could remove them. And then she giggled, watching my pussy and leaned in, taking a long slow lick from my arse to my clit that made me moan loudly. She shoved her tongue deep into my pussy, licking me for my fluids which my pussy happily supplied. God it felt amazing, I could feel myself humping her face, my hands sliding down to entwine into her hair, gently pulling on it. though when she hit my clit, i must have pulled her hair a little hard as she groaned out, but kept going, licking my clit savagely as she slammed a finger into my hot needy hole, my pussy milking it for all it was worth. The knot just kept on getting tighter and tighter and finally it released. I felt like I got hit by a brick wall, my thighs clamping around her head as I tugged needily on her hair By the time I released her, I felt as if I had run a marathon, my breathing hot and heavy, i could still fell my pussy and stomach cramping from the orgasm.

She smiled and stood up, my juices absolutely covering her face like a sticky mess, and she smiled, hooking her thumbs into her own panties and pulling them down and off. I watched as she began to pull them down, the crotch sticking obscenely to her pussy before the material stretched enough to pull away, and tossed them off to the side. She slid over and straddled my head, her thighs locking tightly. I could only stare up at that juicy pussy, feeling it dripping hot juices on my face. I wouldn't have moved even if i could have in my condition, and I let her lower herself onto me. I happily ate her pussy my tongue swirling circles around her lips before diving into her hot hole, tongue fucking her juicy pussy. She ground onto my face at an angle, rubbing her clit against my skin as I vigorously ate her. I could feel her juices going a little up my nose as she grabbed my hair, tugging hard on it as she rode my face like a bucking bronco.. And then she stiffened, and began to cry out a sweet melody as she came, her cum gushing out over my face. I gagged a little but tried to get as much cum as I could before she collapsed next to me, my breath coming deep as I could finally get a lung full.

We took a breather for a little bit before she suggested one more thing to try before turning in because her parents might come home, and I was game. She wanted to scissor, I remember putting my leg over hers as we pulled each other close, feeling out pussies touch. And then we kissed again, slow at first, our tongues exploring the other's mouth. I could taste myself on her, and I did taste good, as sure as I was that she could taste herself on me. We began to hump each other' our pussies grinding softly at first. But soon my hands trailed down to her ass, as her's did to mine, squeezing and kneading the flesh, pulling each other closer, hoping to increase the friction. And it worked, our kissing only becoming more heated, moaning into each other's mouth as our clits ground against each other, happily humping away. I swear that we came together at the same time, but Jess still jokingly teases me that I came before she did. But we collapsed, eventually getting dress and sliding back into bed just in time, for twenty minutes later her parents arrived back at home.



Date:  13.07.16

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