My cum filled spring break

Hi, I'm Selena. I am a 19 year old girl who is a hardcore lesbian. I am 5 ft 4, I have medium length brown hair. I have small C cup tits, a gigantic asshole and a very tight but large pussy. I am in a f****y of 3: me, my mom and my dad.(Who both know I'm lesbian) I am going to tell you the story of how I met my girlfriend Jenni.
It all started when I first saw her at the airport, she had small tits, long black hair and skin as white as snow. She looked like she was 5ft 3 and her body was skinny as a twig. She was absolutely beautiful. I was wetting my panties when I saw what she was wearing. She had on the shortest short shorts I had ever seen and a tiny blue tank top that showed off her perfect stomach. When she went through the security at the airport, she was caught be the metal detector. When the guards took a smaller metal scanner and scanned her, the metal was right around her pussy. Then the guards took her to another room to undress her. I was so surprised to see that happen to somebody. Then the funniest thing happened, when I sat down on the plane, she was already in the seat next to me, I was so happy. I stared at her body every once and while throughout the flight, mostly when she was sl**ping. When I got on the shuttle bus to my resort, there she was again, sitting in the bus two seats down. I sat down as fast as I could hoping that she wouldn't see me. I was so happy, I would finally get to see this slut in a bikini, I was ready to masturbate right there on the bus. When we got off at the resort she headed to her room on the other side of the resort, I was devastated, maybe I would see her on the beach though.
The next day I spent the day at the pool swimming and tanning in my strapless neon yellow bikini when I saw her again, she was just as beautiful as I remembered except she was wearing a black strapless bikini. I could feel my pussy getting wet so I went for a swim, the water was freezing cold!!! I swam for a few minutes then got out and dried off. After being afraid to let her see me she scared the shit outa me when she took the lounge chair beside mine. After about ten minutes she looked at me and said "Hey, your that chick who was staring at me on the plane." I was so embarrassed, I was about to get up and leave when she reached over and grabbed my leg. "Don't be shy, I know that look on ur face. It's the look my x gf gave me all the time" she said to me surprise. Then, she just leaned over and kissed me. I was so fucking amazed, this slut was a lesbian like me. We talked for a while and then headed back to my room.
(I was given my own room cause my parents know that I am a very private teen.)
The first thing Jenni did when I shut the door to my room was attack me, she lunged at me and pushed me into my bathroom. As we kissed I could feel the warmth of her body against mine, I could feel me pussy getting hotter and hotter when she ripped of my bikini top and started squeezing my tits. I could feel my knees start to buckle when she decided to put me in the bath tub. She turned on the hot water as I started taking of her bikini. Her tits were perfect!!! When I took off her bottom I saw her clit for the first time, it was beautiful, it was a perfect pink hole. By then, the tub was full, she had pulled off my bottom and started teasing me. First, she licked my feet and in between my toes, then she slowly made her way to my pussy, teasing me every chance she got. Finally she made it to my pussy, she started licking it and pulling it open, the sensation was amazing, her tongue thrashing around mixed with the hot water made me feel like I was in heaven. Then, all of a sudden, she went from licking me to fisting me. I burst into tears, before then, I had never put more than two fingers in my pussy and now I had a fistful. It was as painful as it was sensational, I had an amazing orgasm and came hard all over her hand. I sorta laid there for a few minutes waiting for my body to calm down. After I calmed down, we went over to my bed.(still soaking wet) I started with her by sucking her tits, one by one, she just looked at me doing it. I wanted to hear her scream, so I started licking her clit. It was so freaking sticky!!! After licking it for a few seconds, something metallic touched my tongue. I reached in and pulled it out. I was a large metal egg!!! "Omg, this is what got you caught at the airport" All she did was blush and nod. The egg was the size of my fist, how could she walk with thing in her!!! (I later learned that she never wears it often, but wanted to wear it for her entire vacation) I thought that if she could take this, she could take anything. So I shoved both of my hands into her clit, that's when she screamed. I asked her if she wanted me to stop but she shook her head, so I continued. I started shoving them in and out until she came all over my hands. I instantly dove my face into the cum, it tasted so much better than mine. All of a sudden, a knock came on my door, through the peephole, I saw my mom. "Be ready for dinner in an hour" she said. Through the door I asked if Jenni could come to dinner with us, my mom casually accepted. Oh...this day kept getting better.
Because I had forgot to bring a dress with my we went to Jenni's room to get dresses. We both got dressed in front over each other, she kept slapping my ass every time I turned away from her. When we were both done getting dressed I ended up in a black strapless mini dress with black stocking and heels and she was wearing a similar, white strapless mini dress that had pockets and no stockings. The heels she put on were so freaking tall, they made her taller than me in my heels!!! As I went to leave she stopped me and pulled me towards the bed, she pulled up the dress to reveal a black thong. She slowly pulled it off and then reached in her pocket and pulled out an egg. She slowly pushed the egg into my pussy and then pulled the dress back over. When I asked her what would happen if the egg fell out, she told me to just not let it fall out. Then, we headed off to dinner.
When we got to the restaurant, my parents had already started drinking (which was normal for them). The restaurant was very fancy and very quiet, when I was about to dig in to my main course, the scariest thing happened. The egg that was in my pussy started to vibrate really, really fast!!! I took all of my strength not to moan or scream. When I looked at Jenni, (who was sitting beside me) she was laughing. In her hand, she had a remote! It was the remote for the egg! I couldn't even talk as I tried not to moan, after about a minute, she turned down the vibration speed so I could eat. I was furious at her! The egg could pop out at any moment and I was trying to eat. I slowly ate my dinner as I tried not to cum on my seat. When I was about to start dessert, she turn the vibrating speed to the max. I tried to make moaning sound like I was going Mmmm from the dessert. I was taking too long to eat so my parents went out to some on resort, 25+ nightclub. The second they left, I cummed hard all over my chair, dress and stockings. It felt so good!!! Jenni must have noticed cause she turned the egg off and started getting up to leave. I got up and followed her back to her room.
Halfway back to her room, she pushed me into the ladies washroom and into a small stall. "Did you like your surprise at dinner" she said as she reached into my pussy and pulled out the egg. "You slutty little bitch!!! What the fuck was that.`` I said laughing. Just then I realized the only sad part off all this, when the vacation was over, I would never see her again. When I told her this, she just laughed and called me an retarded whore. ``We were on the same air plane, I go to Ottawa U`` she exclaimed. This was the best thing I had ever heard, I would never lose her. She turned the egg on high and put it in her pussy as if it was nothing as we walked back to her room.
When we got back into her room, we went straight to the shower, dresses and all. I dropped to my knees, reached in with my hand and pulled out the egg. It was still vibrating. We slowly stripped off our dresses in the shower and took time to suck each other's tits. When we got out of the shower, she ran to her suitcase, put on a pair of black stockings and grabbed some sex toys. There we were, wearing only stockings and heels (the stockings had no supporter belts). In her hands she had a giant dildo, a vibrating wand and her giant metal egg. She dropped the egg and wand and tossed me the dildo. "Make me cum hard!" she said to me. I took the dildo and started rubbing it up and down her legs, teasing her. "Just shove it in!!!" she screamed at me. I shoved it in as fast as I could, she screamed again "Holy fucking shit!!! Fuck me harder you slutty little bitch!!!" I started thrusting her hard with the dildo, it was so big but it just slid in cause of how wet her pussy was. Then I took the wand and started rubbing her clit with it as she started to cry. "Don't stop, don't stop!!!" she screamed. She finally cummed, and holy shit did she cum. Cum exploded out of her pussy and all over me! I dived in and sucked up all the cum, savouring the amazing taste. "Now come suck my pussy you whore" I said to her. She took the giant dildo and started thrusting it in and out of my pussy, I was ready to cum all ready but right when I was about to come she stopped thrusting me so that I wouldn't cum. I was so mad at her. "You don't get to cum until I want you to cum" she said as she started to lick my pussy. Her tongue was longer than I thought cause I could feel it start to rub my G spot, Oh, it felt like I was gonna cum. But she stopped again. This time I was so mad I tried to slap her in the face but I missed. "I am gonna keep doing this to you until I want you to cum for me" she said again, and she did. She continued the routine for almost half an hour before she said "Now your gonna cum for me". She took the dildo and shoved it up my ass, it hurt so good. She took the metal egg and shoved it so deep in my pussy I thought I was gonna pass out and she took the wand (which was on high), and started rubbing the tops of my tits. She slowly zeroed in on my pussy as she teased me. Finally, instead of putting the wand on my clit, she shoved it deep in my pussy! "Holy fucking shit!!!" I screamed as she even started to lick my pussy as well. I finally cummed into her mouth, it was the best orgasm I had ever had up to that point in time. She ate all of my cum right out of my pussy, it felt amazing. We laid there and kissed for a few minutes before falling asl**p. I woke up the next morning with her tongue in my mouth, the dildo in my ass and the egg in my pussy. All I could think was how much fun the rest of this week would be.



Date:  13.07.16

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