My anal life


I suppose I've always been a bit obsessive compulsive, even from an early age. From as far back as I remember when I developed an interest in something it consumed me. These interests included gymnastics, playing the piano, and various other activities. I would go through periods when I would spend hours each day practicing piano or gymnastics. I also had a very intense interest in my bum from a very early age. I always loved the shape of my ass and how it felt (gymnastics helped a lot with that). I would spend a lot of time looking at it in the mirror in every position I could think of, and I used to love posing in very tight fitting panties and shorts. I used to, and still do, love the way tight fitting material felt against my ass. Materials such as silk and satin in particular were my favourites. I used to pull them up tight so they would fill up my butt crack. I remember when I first started kissing boys and they would feel my ass and I would get tingly all over. I loved it. Whenever I was with a boy I wanted him to feel and grab my ass and I would be very disappointed if they didn't. I liked it even more than kissing.

Over the years I noticed a pattern to all of my obsessions which is that they develop as a mediocre interest, then in to a full blown obsession, and then my interest tapers off and they become just hobbies. The intensity of the obsession can last for varying lengths, depending on the subject, from a couple of weeks, months, or years. This, however, has not been the case with my ass. My obsession with it has always remained constant, even today.

When I was in my early teens I used to raid my mother's panty drawer and pose in the mirror wearing all of her lingerie even though they were a bit too large for me at the time. I also use to love posing naked. I would bend over and spread my ass cheeks so I could see my asshole. I loved the way it looked. This tiny, scrunched up dot. I would tighten and relax my asshole as if it was winking. I would spend hours looking at it and touching it, feeling around the outside of it the pressing on it, licking my fingers and rubbing on it. One day I was lying on my back with my legs spread looking at my asshole in the mirror when I became very aroused I got very wet and started rubbing my asshole with my index fingering and it slipped in by accident. I got a sudden jolt of pleasure and I quickly pulled it back out. I pushed it back in this time a little further and it felt so good, so I pushed it all the ways in. I was expecting to fell pain but what I felt was the complete oppose it. So for the next ten minutes I finger fucked my asshole. I loved it. It felt like a huge achievement that I could stick my finger all the way up my asshole.

Growing up

Around the same time I'd discovered internet porn. This for me was a revelation and looking back on it now I see it as the first step of my development as an anal whore. At the time I knew what sex and blowjobs and alike were, and I knew most of the k**s would make jokes in reference to anal sex saying things like 'up the bum no harm done', but I never actually thought it was real. I was looking at a website with various pictures when I came across a picture of a woman on all fours with ass up in the air and a massive big cock half way up her asshole. I was amazed, stunned and aroused. I couldn't believe that someone could fit a cock, let alone a cock that big up their arse. For a moment I thought it was a fake picture somehow so I clicked on it and it linked me to a webpage of three short clips of this lady getting assfucked. I clicked on one of the clips and there it was in all its glory. This young girl getting plundered up the ass really hard and she looked like she was absolutely loving it. I watched it over and over for about 15 minutes until I heard my parents arriving home. We only had one computer in the house and my father used it most of the time so I had very limited access. Those images of that woman having anal sex were burnt in to my mind. For weeks afterward it was all I could think of. It was the first time in my life when I became fully aroused. My panties were soaking wet and they got wet every time I thought of it.

For the next few years I used to have to sneak in to my parents bedroom when my father wasn't there to use the computer and the first thing I would look at was anal porn, nothing else. There were times when the computer broke and we had no internet for a couple of days or sometimes weeks and I found it unbearable. Any time I did have to look at porn it was brief, and I always made sure to delete the browsing history so my parents would never know my dark secret, although, thinking about it now if my mother had of looked at the browsing history I don't think she would have thought it was me, but rather my father.

This changed when I was 16 and I bought my very own laptop. I had been saving for nearly a year and my parents gave me money towards it. I bought it solely for one purpose, to find out about all things anal. This is what I consider as the second stage of my development as an anal whore. Every day I would trawl the internet watching and reading everything about anal sex. I would regularly visit porn sites devoted to anal, I would read articles and interviews about how to perform it and how to prepare for it. For a time I looked at nothing but gay and shemale porn. I loved the way that they could only have sex in the ass. No vaginas were involved so if a cock wasn't in someone's mouth it was in an asshole. It was always straight to anal. I particularly loved scenes when there was no foreplay just straight to assfucking. But most of all I loved anal cream pies. That's what got me off the most. Just the sight of a cock pulsating as it pumped out cum while stuck in someone's asshole would drive me crazy. I wanted to know what cum felt like in my ass. Did it feel warm, what texture did it have, what did it taste like, what did it smell like. I used to watch pornos where loads of guys would cum in a girls mouth and she would hold it there until her mouth was full with cum and then swallow. I used to fantasise about gangs of men fucking and cuming in my mouth and ass at the same time.

Watching anal porn daily gave me an insatiable thirst for anal. I was desperate to try it. I wanted so badly to feel a hard cock enter my asshole. At the time I was very shy and insecure so I didn't have a boyfriend which meant that I didn't have any cocks to play with. In fact not even my closest friends knew about my anal fetish. I didn't dare tell anyone for fear of ridicule. The closest thing that I could get my hands on that resembled a hard penis was vegetables. So for the next few months I experimented with all manner of vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, courgettes, and even bananas, all of which felt great and I was able to expand my tiny asshole wider than I could ever think, but there was something lacking in them. I really enjoyed sticking them up my ass and seeing how much I could fit in their but in the back of my mind all I could think of was hard cocks and not vegetables.

The internet also introduced to me the world of anal pleasure through toys. Toys like buttplugs, anal beads, anal dildos, douches and enemas, inflatable buttplugs, speculums, etc. These seemed infinitely more enjoyable than vegetables. I was thus faced with a dilemma. I was too young to go in to a sex shop. Even if I did I would be too embarrassed to buy the things I wanted to buy. What if I did and the shop owner called my parents. The only option was to order them online and have them delivered but I didn't have a credit or laser card. What if my parents got to the parcel before I did. I'd never ordered anything online before and besides I had no money or even a bank account. So the next step for me was to open a bank account. I did up tons of cvs and handed out to dozens of local shops.

Within two weeks I had a part time job waiting tables and a bank/laser card. I had to wait another two weeks to get my first wage packet but by then I had worked out exactly what I was going to order. I ordered an anal douche, a set of three buttplugs (small, medium, and Large)and a 7 inch dildo shaped like a real penis, and anal lube. It was like Christmas. I cannot explain how excited I was to get these. I barely slept for four nights. There was a major problem though. Both my parents worked so nobody would be there during the day to receive the parcel so I decided to skip school the day the parcel was due. It arrived shortly after 11 o clock and the first thing I did was rip open the wrapping and see how much of the dildo I could fit in my mouth. I got about half way down before it hit the back of my throat. I nearly threw up. I always wanted to be able to deep throat. I'd seen it so many times in porn and I knew it was something that I wanted to be able to do. I'd always fantasised about a hard cock cuming while I was deepthroating. Cum would never touch my mouth or lips but would be deposited straight in to my oesophagus.

After playing with the dildo I went straight to the bathroom to try out the douche. I must've been in the bathroom for over an hour seeing how much water I could retain in my ass and shooting it out in to the bathtub as hard and fast as I could. I loved it. Next was the buttplugs. These were great. I loved how they fit snug in my ass while I walked around the house. I actually decided to go to the shop for my lunch. I came home ate my lunch which took about an hour and a half all the while with my asshole plugged. Next was what I had been waiting for - the dildo. My ass was relaxed and ready for it. I lubed it up got on all fours and slowly pushed the dildo up my ass. I pushed all seven inches in. It had a head and veins and balls at the end just like the real things. I fucked my backdoor love pipe slowly with it for about 20 minutes. I imagined there was a guy behind me fucking my asshole doggy style. I got so wet. Then I started pounding it in to my ass hard and fast. I loved it soooo much. My asshole was in ecstasy. I had to stop after a while because my arms were getting tired of shoving in and out of my ass. I would have kept going if not for this. By then I was so tired so I headed off to bed but not without my butt plug.

Strange thing-the next day my ass was fine. I expected it to be a bit sore but it wasn't. My arms on the other hand ached so bad. I had to find other less tiring methods of self fucking or just train my arms a bit more. Over the next several months I amassed a horde of anal toys. It was getting to the stage where I was running out of hiding spaces in my bedroom. I was also leaving the house more often than not with a buttplug in my ass, whether it was for work, school, or just hanging out. I had to buy a buttplug harness after a few near, very embarrassing, mishaps. I douched my ass every morning and fucked my ass every other day with dildos of all manner of lengths and sizes. I had become an expert at fucking my own ass in every position possible. I was a gymnast so I was very athletic and used this physical propensity to anal fuck myself in as many ways imaginable. Funny-most of the k**s my age were spending their money on clothes, music or going out, whereas I was using it to but anal sex toys and I was one of the few among my circle of friends who was still a virgin yet I could probably take most cocks out there up my shit pipe. I also loved the thought that I was nastier than most of the girls out there. My head was filled with things like; Fuck my shit hole. Bury your hard cock deep inside my colon. I want to massage your stiffy with my sphincter. Cum in my asshole, fill my backdoor up with sperm. Ejaculate in to my anal cunt. My asshole needs rock hard dick. Rear entry only. Pound my stinkhole!


Daniel was my first boyfriend. He started working at my job when I was s*******n. He was eighteen. I was instantly attracted to him. He looked like something from a boy band. Gelled hair, white teeth, muscles, and all shiny looking. We got really well and started going out with each other within a few months. I learned a lot from Daniel, mainly about giving blowjobs. I realised just as much as I like anal sex I like sucking hard cocks, and I really really like cum. I loved everything about it, the taste, the texture, how it looked. I loved the way it shot out and how you had to work a cock for a while to get it to come out. Before we had sex I used to suck Daniel's cock, a lot. He really liked blowjobs and I always swallowed. The best part was when Daniel had not wanked in a couple of days because when he came it was a massive load and it was thick with white lumps. If he came a couple of times in one day the cum would be watery and not as thick plus less volume. A couple of times I refused to suck him off because I knew after a day or two (if he didn't wank) his sperm would build up and he would have a huge load. Few things can compare to a man ejaculating in to my mouth (except anal of course).

I learned how to deep throat on Daniels cock. I took a few weeks to get use to pushing his cock into my throat without gagging but eventually I got used to it. It got to the stage where he could grab my hair and fuck my head easily going balls deep in to my throat. It was amazing feeling him cum in my throat. I would nearly have an orgasm without him even touching my clit. For about a month before we had sex I would give him a blowjob nearly every day. Daniel always got morning wood so if I stayed at his house I would wake up before him and put his hard dick in my mouth and start sucking. He would wake up with his cock in my mouth and I would suck as hard as I could and have a sperm breakfast. Whenever we were at work we would steal away to the toilets or the store room and I would give him a quickie. This is where I suck his cock really hard, wank the end of his cock with one hand, and with the other hands grab his balls and rub his perineum. He would cum really hard within a minute. I sucked him off in so many different places, in work, outside school, in the park, in a few dark alleyways in town. I think I had his cock in my mouth more times than we even spoke to each other. I'm surprised nobody back then ever thought that my breath smelled of cock as I was giving head and drinking cum nearly every day.

After a couple of months we finally had sex and I was very nervous about it. I had always fantasised about anal sex and not so much vaginal that when it came time to have vaginal sex I was terrified. I kept thinking it would hurt and that I would bleed, both of which I knew would not happen with anal because I was so used to sticking things in my ass. I hadn't even told Daniel about my anal obsession because, again, I was afraid of what he would think of me, or that he might not be in to it. And besides he was a tits man and not so much in to ass. He loved tits and blowjobs and I think he liked them even more than actual sex. He never used to feel my ass that much which was probably for the better because god knows what he would of thought if he went to grab and found a butt plug stuck up my asshole.

Anyway we did the deed and it was ok. It didn't hurt and it felt nice and it was something I thought I could get used to. However, it did not feel anything like the orgasms I got when I masturbated anally. I didn't know it then but I am one of those girls who climaxes much more through anal stimulation than vaginal. I prefer to get fucked in the ass. It feels much better.

I thought vaginal sex was something I could get used to but I was wrong. After a couple of weeks I had very intense longings to feel Daniels cock in my ass. I wasn't sure how to approach him about this so I thought I'd show him some anal porn and see what he thought. We used to watch porn together quite often. He would show me stuff that girls did and I would do it, most of which was blowjobs/face fucking positions, deepthroat stuff, and cum drinking stuff. So one day I was browsing some web pages with all sorts of stuff on it, with Daniel, and I found some anal clips that showed stills of girls with fat cocks up their assholes. I clicked on it and said, 'oh my god, how can she fit that in there', and waited for Daniels response. He looked at it and said, 'holy shit, that's fucking disgusting'. I responded, acting very innocently, 'what do you mean'. 'That's just wrong, his cock must stink of shit', he replied. Trying to remain innocent and pretending I knew nothing of the subject I said, 'she must have to clean her ass or something'. Daniel said, 'no thanks', and then shuddered at the thought of it. And that was it. I felt a bit gutted. There was no way I was going to ask him to stick his cock in my ass and I would die at the thought of him knowing about my crazy anal obsession.

I knew then that our relationship wouldn't work so a couple of days later I called it off. Daniel cried like a baby. I think he knew he was on to a good thing with me because I would suck his cock and swallow his cum whenever he wanted which was practically every day, and that I liked doing it. But he had to go. I wouldn't be able to continue without getting my backdoor fucked. I needed it. Besides I had already cheated on him. A few weeks previously I was walking home late one night with a guy I worked with. We were walking through the park and we stopped for him to go for a piss. While he was going on the bushes I looked at his cock and it was big. He finished, walked back over to me and said, 'I caught you looking at my cock'. I ended up giving him a blowjob and swallowing his cum and I didn't feel bad about it. In fact a week later I gave him and his friend blowjobs together back at his place and I got the two of them to cum in to my mouth at the same time, and I loved it. Unbeknownst to them I had a buttplug in my ass as well.

And so I had to remain content with fucking my own asshole until the right suitor came along. I know I could've gotten loads of guys back then , and now, to do it but I'm not that type of girl. I don't mind sucking cocks but getting assfucked is a very personal thing. It is for me at least.


When I was 19 I applied for a degree course in DCU and moved to Dublin with my friend. I managed to find work as a waitress in a cafe/bar in the city centre. This is where I met Steve. He was tall, about 6"2, broad shoulders with an athletic build, and he had beautiful blue eyes, perfect teeth, and smouldering good looks. He was gorgeous. He had it all, he was courteous, funny(razor sharp wit), confident, and just bursting with life, and he was as gay as Christmas. We hit it off immediately and it wasn't long before we were sharing an apartment together. He used to bring me out to all the local gay and lesbian hangouts and introduced me to all of his friends. He was a bit of a socialite and we had such a great time. We were always in each other's company.

Steve also had a huge sexual appetite. It was not uncommon for me to be woken up a night to the sounds of men grunting and headboards banging off the wall. Steve had no shame and would often talk in great detail about his sexual conquests, thus educating me in all the sexual lingo. He was a top exclusively. He had never bottomed nor had any interest in being bottomed. He used to talk at length and make jokes about how he loved fucking and cuming deep inside a man's asshole. When we were out he would point out guys he fucked and tell me what he had done with them. He was constantly checking out guy's asses and telling me what he would do to them. Most of my friends found it repulsive when he began talking about his bedroom adventures in graphic detail but I loved it. I loved hearing him talk about his cock and how he loved burying his dick in to assholes. It used to turn me on so much, although I don't think he knew that it did. If I had a penchant for anal sex (even though I'd never had it yet) then Steve certainly did too.

One night we arrived home together d***k as hell. We were lying in bed talking and Steve confessed that he'd never slept with a girl but had always wondered what it would be like. He said he'd had plenty of opportunities but failed to go through with it because there was something about vaginas that just made his cock go limp. I also confessed that I had always wanted to try anal sex but had never found the right person to do it with. I told him this in a nonchalant way, not letting on that I was completely obsessed with anal sex and had been sticking things up my ass for years. I was surprised that he hadn't found my stash of dildos, butt plugs, and douches, or had heard me douching my ass in the toilet nearly every day. After talking a little while longer I plucked up the courage to ask Steve to fuck me in the ass. I figured that he loved anal sex and always wanted to be with a girl, but couldn't because of a vaginal phobia, and I was dying for him to shove his hard dick in my ass that we might as well just have anal sex. I propositioned him and told that it wouldn't affect our friendship what so ever, and we were just doing this as a kind of sexual exploration. Before I'd finished speaking his head was nodding in agreement with a huge smile, and then he said 'I'm going to show you how to get assfucked'.
I was nearly trembling in excitement. I went to the bathroom to get ready (I told him I already had a douche which I used for my vagina, which I actually didn't. I only ever used it to clean my ass). I was nearly drooling as I washed out my ass. My heart was pounding in my chest and I was shaking violently. I looked like I was having a seizure but I was filled with endorphins and adrenaline. I could not wait to feel his cock enter my rectum.

Once I was ready I stripped naked and went back to the bedroom and there was Steve lying naked on the bed with a huge boner. I always knew he had a big cock as I was forever staring at it through his tight trousers. I took his cock in my hand and asked him if I could kiss it. He said 'it would be rude if you didn't but just don't expect me to return the favour'. I had barely put it in my mouth when I thought I'd better hurry up before he changes his mind. I looked up at him and said 'what position'. 'Doggy style' he said. I knew this was his favourite position. Before I got on all fours I took some ky jelly and lubed up his cock. I remember thinking it was strange that he didn't ask me where and why I had gotten ky.

I positioned myself on all fours at the end of the bed. Steve moved to my rear and started moving his cock up and down between my butt crack and rubbing it off my asshole. I wanted to reach around a pull my cheeks apart and show him my brown star but I didn't. I don't know why. I guess I didn't want to put him off. My head began to fill up with nasty things I wanted to say. Things like, bury your cock in to my shit hole, I want to feel your dick in my colon, fuck the shit out of my hole, fuck my anal cunt. But I didn't say any of it. Steve positioned his cock at my backdoor and said are you ready. I said yes and he began to push his dick in slowly. I squeezed my asshole hard. I wanted to feel every centimetre of that hard shaft entering my asshole.

For a split second the thought entered my mind that I might not enjoy this or that it won't feel as good as I thought it would. I had been praying for this moment for so long, for a cock to fill up my asshole, that maybe I had built up to much anticipation for something that might not feel that good. Maybe it was the thought of it that turned me on more than the physical act. This notion was vanquished from my mind a split second later as Steve finally pushed his hard pulsating cock all the way up my ass. I felt an almighty surge of pleasure rushed from my ass up the entire length of my body. It had barley been a minute and I was having my first anal orgasms. Steve stopped and asked if I was alright and should he keep going. I said yes, fuck me. With that Steve started to slowly fuck my asshole. I pressed my head on to the bed and raised my ass in the air. I bit down on the sheets to stop myself from screaming in pleasure and from saying all the smutty language that was filling my head.

Steve continued to pump my asshole, getting faster and harder. I could feel his balls banging off my clit. He grabbed my hips and pulled my ass in to his torso with every trust. I was in ecstasy. I wanted to see it. I wanted to see his massive hard cock ploughing deep in to my asshole. After a few minutes I could feel his dick swell and I knew he was getting ready to cum. I nearly fainted at the thought of getting my rectum filled with warm, slippery cum. I wanted it to overflow with cum. I thought I would grab a glass, just like in the films, a squirt cum out of my ass and drink it, mmmmm. But before this could happen Steve pulled out and came on my ass and back.
It was all over after only a few minutes. I collapsed on to the bed and Steve climbed in next to me. We didn't speak but just drifted gently off to sl**p. I awoke in the morning alone. Steve was on the early shift at work. I still had dry cum on my ass and back. We spoke later that afternoon about it and both agreed that we really enjoyed it. But I lied, I didn't just enjoy it, I fucking loved it. In fact I was completely zoned out for the next couple of days. I couldn't concentrate on anything. All I could think about was getting fucked in my ass again. I desperately needed to feel hard cock in my asshole.

Although Steve said he enjoyed it we didn't really speak about it since the conversation we'd had the following day and that was over a week ago. I thought that if I could get him d***k again with just the two of us then maybe it would happen again, and I was right. The following weekend we stayed in to watch some films, but I cracked open a bottle of vodka. Steve Loves vodka. I pretended to be getting d***k even though I was only sipping on my drink. I wanted to be as sober as possible for this one . It wasn't long before Steve was d***k and I brought the topic of conversation around to sex. He said he hadn't had sex since our last encounter which was two weeks ago. Its normally a lot more frequent for Steve. I nodded in agreement, saying 'me too'. I sheepishly suggested, in a half joking manner, that I could pretend to be a bottom for him to fuck. He lowered his head and looked at me with a mischievous gaze and said, 'you know I was very gentle with you the other night. If you want me to fuck your ass then you won't be walking right tomorrow'. 'Well then show me how you really do it', I replied. 'Fair enough', he said,' go clean out that shitty hole of yours and I'll show you what it really feels like to get assfucked.
I went to the bathroom to prepare even though I didn't need to. I had douched earlier that day when I'd first hatched this plot. Wearing nothing but my panties I walked in to Steve's bedroom. He was standing there stroking his boner waiting for me. This time he was more aggressive. He approached me, grabbed me and threw me on the bed and said 'so you want hard cock in your ass'. 'Yes please' I replied. He pulled off my panties and pulled my hips up so my ass was sticking up in to the air. He pulled my cheeks apart and spat on my asshole and said, 'we won't be using lube tonight, that shit is gay'. I could hear him spit on his cock and then ready it by my backdoor. I couldn't wait for him to plough my asshole again. He pushed forward and with one strong trust f***ed all of his cock deep in to my ass. I gasped for air as I felt an anal orgasm begin. He started pumping really hard slamming his torso against my wide ass bouncing me forward each time. To hold me still he grabbed my hair and held my head back while he ploughed me asshole. It felt so good. With each trust he would bring his cock all the way out and then slam it back in. I could feel my ass gape.

He fucked my ass really hard like this for about two minutes and then slowed up. He let go of my hair and grabbed my arse cheeks and spread them as wide as he could. He then pushed his cock as far as he could deep in to my back passage. Steve's cock is about 7 and half inches long and he pushed every bit of it into my shit pipe. He would then slowly bring it out until just the tip was still in my ass and then with an almighty heave bury it all the way back it. This was amazing, I didn't want it to end. All I kept thinking was that I am an anal cum slut. My asshole is made to get fucked by hard cocks. I imagined giving myself an enema with bucket loads of cum. I wanted to have two cocks in my ass. I wanted a long line of Steve's to fuck my asshole one after another. Then I could feel Steve getting ready to cum. I desperately wanted to tell him to cum in my ass but I chickened out. Instead he pulled out and came on my back again. He then fell on the bed and was snoring within seconds.

The next month became intensely busy. I had exams to do and I was working nearly full time hours. Steve was also doing his thing and was getting pulled in all directions. One night, after about a month and a half after our second butt fucking session, Steve brought Stuart back to the apartment to meet me. They had met through work and had been seeing a lot of each other. Steve was different around Stuart. I could tell that they really liked other and I didn't want to get in the way of that. I had to stopped plotting ways of getting Steve to stick his cock in my ass again. Even though it was brief I felt quite sad at the thought of Steve never assfucking me again. I had devised very elaborate schemes for getting him to cum in my rectum all of which I now had to discard. They eventually moved in together but we still kept in touch. I recently went to his wedding a few months ago and he told me that if I was a gay man I would make a great bottom.

With no Steve or boyfriend to play with my fantasies started to become more out landish. I'd imagine that I'd wake up in the morning in spoon position with some guy who had his cock up my ass all night. I would get and go to the bathroom and while I sat on the toilet I suck someone off and they would cum in my mouth. I would then downstairs to get breakfast which was a glass of cum and a bowl of cornflakes. I would eat the cornflakes at the table where I sat on some guys lap with his cock in my ass. Then I got dressed but before I left I would bend over the couch with my dress rolled up and my panties at my ankles and three guys with rock hard cocks would explode their cum in to my dirt pipe. Then I would go to work.


I knew I was on to a good thing when I met Greg and I knew I could have a serious relationship with him. From the first time I met him he was checking out my ass which was a big plus. He was definitely in to asses because I whenever a girl with a nice ass appeared his eyes were on it. We started seeing each other not long after we met. At the time I'd started wearing buttplugs that had a very small outer rim but large enough to stretch my ass when inserted. You would have to pull my arse cheeks apart and feel my asshole to know that something was in there. Greg was always grabbing and feeling my ass so I had to be a little covert just in case.

Greg had as big an appetite for sex as I had and it wasn't long before we were doing it. I really liked Greg's cock. It was about seven inches long and it had this lovely big juicy head on it. I loved pulling it out of his boxers and putting it in my mouth. It actually tasted really nice. Steve can last a long time and there were many times where he would fuck my throat for 30 minutes or more before he'd cum. I did all the same blowjob stuff with Greg as I did with Daniel but with Greg it was more intense. With Daniel it felt like it was it all him and about satisfying his sexual needs, whereas Greg was more in to me and what I wanted and was very supportive of that. He never begged or f***ed me to do anything but was only interested in what I wanted, which was fucking his cock with my throat. He also knew that I loved his cum so whenever we were apart for a few days he would wank it to a small glass and save up his cum for me so when we met again I would have a lovely glass of his cum to drink.

We were both very open about sex and talked about it a lot and we had been already having regular sex. I'll never forget the moment I told him I wanted to try anal sex. His face lit up like he'd won the lotto. He said he'd always wanted to try it never met any girls who were in to it. I didn't yet tell him that I'd already had anal sex before or that I was in fact an anal junkie.

So the following night we decided to go for it. I told him I read up on it and went and bought a douche and some lube that day, which I didn't because I already had some. I washed and got ready for him. I was so horny. I loved his cum and I was desperate to feel him unload in my ass. We went to the bedroom and stripped off. Without saying anything I went over to the bed and stuck my ass in the air. There was no foreplay, no kissing, no touching. I wanted to feel his cock push deep in to my shit hole. He lubed up his cock and my asshole and proceeded to put it in. Very slowly and with a lot of trepidation he started to press his hard cock against my brown star and gently pushed in a few centimetres and then backed off. He did this for a few minutes. I think he was worried he would hurt me (a sign of a good lover) but it was just making me impatient so I turned and said, 'cmon just stick it in'. With that he went for it and started to push his erect penis in to my asshole. God it felt good, really good. He started fucking slowly and got faster and faster, pounding my little backdoor pipe. I squeezed my asshole as if I was kissing his cock. Greg normally lasts and long time but within two minutes I could feel him getting ready to cum and he did. He unloaded his biggest wad yet in to my ass. I could feel it filling up my sphincter. Loads of little sperm massaging my back passage.

He was too excited and popped very early. He'd always wanted to fuck ass and he couldn't contain himself. I didn't mind, I was just happy feel his sperm inside me and to know that I had his dick in my ass. He pulled his cock out and apologised immediately for not lasting long enough and asked if I was ok. I looked at his cock and saw that he was still rock hard so I said, 'lie on the bed'. He slid on to the bed and I got up and stood above him. I squatted down and took hold of his cock positioning it at my asshole, then sat down on it pushing his cock up my ass. I told him to stay still while I raised my ass up and down. When I felt his cock coming out of my ass I would sit back down pushing it all the way back in. I had done gymnastics for over ten years and I had very strong legs and I squat fucked my asshole on his cock for nearly ten minutes. He couldn't hold back any longer and started pumping so I stopped moving and held my ass static over his pelvis and he ploughed my ass tunnel really really hard. He could see how much I loved this and I don't he could hold out and shot another load up my ass (the first load was still in there). I sat back down on his cock and he relaxed on the bed and I wiggled back and forth feeling is dick getting softer while still up there. Then I got up, squatted over his cock and squirted two jizz loads on to his cock and balls. I got down and started licking and sucking it all back off him. I wanted to taste his cum and my ass.

With that he started getting hard again. He looked at me and said, 'I want to lick your asshole'. He flipped me over, got me on all fours and buried his face between my ass cheeks. He got both of his hands and pulled them wide. I could feel my ass gape a little from all the fucking and Greg started licking all around it. He kept pulling my cheeks as far apart as he could stretching my asshole in to a wider gape but still feeling around the rim with him tongue. It was driving me crazy. Then he put his tongue in to my gape and licked the inside of my asshole. It felt amazing. I was in ecstasy. He started fucking my dirt pipe with his tongue, bopping his head back and forth in to my ass. Then he started going slower and it felt like he was French kissing my anal shaft so I started winking my asshole, squeezing it whenever his tongue went in. Then he got very excited, got up flipped me over, missionary style and buried his now rock hard cock back up my asshole. I wrapped my legs around him we stared kissing and rolling around the bed making sweet anal love. It was amazing.
After what seemed like a full hour we collapsed on the bed and me with cum dribbling out my ass. We talked for a good while and I confessed, for the first time in my life, about my anal obsession. As soon as I told Greg everything he asked me to marry him. He was joking but I think he was half serious. He also confessed that he was crazy about anal too and watched nothing but anal porn and that it was the one thing that got him turned on the most. He loved assholes. He loved looking at them, kissing them, sticking his fingers in them, and most of all cumming in them. We both got really turned on again and spent the rest of the night with his dick up my ass. He fucked my ass standing up in the shower, on the toilet, sitting backwards on a bar stool, and bent over the table. He came in my ass more times than I could count and I had the widest gape I've ever had. I could pull my cheeks apart and feel my asshole widen out so far I thought I could fit his fist in there, although we didn't try it.

That night was 3 years ago and we have been in anal heaven ever since. Greg and I are still together and we have anal sex pretty much every time we have sex which is generally about 4-5 times a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. If we are having vaginal it usually ends in anal. There have been periods where we have only had anal sex for months. The record so far is 9 months. This was broken by a bout of diarrhoea I got whilst on holidays so we had to make do with regular/vaginal sex. I personally can't go more than a couple of days without it. We also both love experimenting and we've tried just about everything anal you can think of. Anything you've seen in a porno, with the exception of gangbangs, I've done it. I just love getting fucked in the asshole.

Over the years we have spent thousands of Euros on toys, fucking machines, and all other anal paraphernalia. We have a huge collection of dildos, buttplugs, douches, harnesses, and loads of other stuff. We even got an extension built on to the house so we could have an extra room to store all of this. Doing the calculations Greg has fucked me in the ass nearly one thousand times since we've been together and I have taken it up my shit hole in more places than I can imagine. He's fucked my ass in car parks, cinemas, pub toilets, at many bus stops, airport toilets, on the aeroplane, on the beach, in the sea, in many swimming pools, in the woods, at dogging sites, in local parks, once in a taxi, Nightclubs, nightclub toilets, the chacuzzi in the gym, and so many other places. One of my personal highlights is when we first tried double anal.

Double anal

Double anal was top of the list of things I wanted to try. I wanted to feel two cocks cumming in my ass at the same time. Greg's cock was a perfect snug fit in my ass but we had to stretch it out a bit more to accommodate another cock. I didn't want to try it without preparing myself so a few weeks before it first happened I bought some new buttplugs with very wide bases and I would practice squatting on these every other day, trying to push my asshole farther down on to the buttplug. After about a week and a half I was getting humongous gapes. I could fit three fingers in my ass without even touching my anal walls. After I would stretch my ass Greg would start fucking my gaping asshole and would try to fit a dildo in at the same time. We started we a small dildo and worked our way up to larger ones. I knew I was ready when Greg was able to fit 7 incher in with his own cock.

We both decided to ask our good friend Dave to be the other participant. Dave was honest, open minded, loyal, and had a big cock, slightly bigger than Greg's. Dave picked us up to go to the hotel and Greg was very excited. Once we were in the car his hands were all over me. So in the back seat of the car I pulled out Greg's cock and started sucking it. Greg then grabbed my hair and started throat fucking me. The car swerved a few times because Dave couldn't keep his eyes off what was going on in the back seat. While I had Greg's cock in my mouth he leaned over me and pulled up my dress. He pulled out the butt plug I was wearing and started to stick his fingers in to my ass one by one. After a few minutes I got and sat on Greg's lap sliding his rock hard shaft in to my butt pipe. I just sat there for the rest of the journey while Greg fondled my tits.

As soon as we got to the room Dave pulled out his cock. At first I was going to suck it but I thought no. I pushed him on to the bed, turned around, and with my back to him grabbed his cock and sat down on it slowly, feeling every inch of it slowly enter my asshole. He grabbed my hips and started pounding away. I leaned forward so I could suck Greg's cock. Greg grabbed my head and started throat fucking me again. After a few minutes I looked at Greg and said your turn and the two of them switched positions.

After a while Greg said let's do a train, so I jumped up, got in to doggy style on the bed and they both took turns fucking my ass, each pounding me really hard and fast for only a few seconds then switching. I was been brought to the brink of a huge orgasm before they would switch and the orgasm would start all over again. They had fucked my ass for nearly a half hour before we tried double anal. I climbed on top on Greg and slid his cock in to my ass. Dave moved to my rear and got his cock in to position. I was actually very nervous which I hadn't expected to be. Dave slowly pushed his cock in. It hurt a little bit, not too much, but I think that was because I tensed myself up. Slowly Dave started to fuck my ass and I relaxed. Greg was looking at me to check that I was alright. Once he saw a little smile on my face he knew I was alright and then started to pump his cock in my ass.

It was amazing. This was something I had fantasised about for a long time and I couldn't believe I was doing it. I had two fat cocks in one hole grinding my ass. I moaned and groaned in ecstasy. There was no synchronisation in the way they fucked me. Sometimes Greg fucked fast while Dave was fucking slow and vice versa or times when Dave was pushing deep in to my ass and Greg didn't move and just let Dave pound away. Greg then put his arms around me and pulled me down to his body and hugged me tight so he could fuck me harder.

I could see Greg was getting close to ejaculating so I turned to Dave and said, 'I want you to cum in my ass'. He said ok. Then I said I want you both to cum at the same time. 'I'm ready to go now', Greg replied. Dave said, 'Hang on just gimme one minute', and with that he started burying his dick in to my p*o hole really hard and fast while Greg remained stationary in my ass waiting to shoot his load. After a minute I could feel Dave's cock swell ready to make a deposit so I looked at Greg and said, 'ok now!' and he started pumping his thick shaft. Greg Came first and within two seconds Dave shot his load. I could feel this warm rush of semen ejaculating and filling up my rectum. Two cocks rubbing off each other and their cum in my asshole. They slowly stop pumping as the last of their fluid was expressed. Dave slid his cock out first and then I got up off Greg. Greg jumped up instantly and said, 'do it do it!'. Dave looked at me and said, 'what?'. I told him to lie on the bed and I stood over him and squatted down over his penis and squirted all of the cum out on to his balls and cock, then jumped down and started sucking and licking it all up. Dave was still hard so I started sucking his cock. Greg then grabbed my ass and started anal fucking me again. We ended up doing double anal two more times that night.

I have no words to express how astonishing amazing this felt. I actually wish every women out there could of felt what I felt that night and to know how pleasurable double anal actually is. Nowadays we see double anal as treat sex and every few weeks or months we give Dave a call and book a hotel room for the night.

Summing up

For most of my life I thought I was a freak sexually. I used to think I was weird and that it wasn't right and there were times where I would not go near my ass in any way sexually but that never lasted long. I would get to horny and then start playing with my toys. I couldn't understand why things felt better in my ass than in my vagina. Looking back on it now it was typical teenage insecurities which I eventually grew out of, and over time, with Greg's support, I've come to nurture this part of my sexuality. It's as big a part of my life as eating and sl**ping. I need it. I need to be fucked in the ass, regularly, otherwise I cannot function as a person.

I know people might think that that much ass fucking must destroy my ass and leave me wearing diapers but that could not be further from the truth. My asshole is as tight as it was before anything ever went in there. I have simply learned how to stretch and relax my ass and when not in use and it always returns to its natural state. I also exercise regularly which I think this helps. Another thing that people might not understand is how we can have so much anal sex without it getting a little dirty or messy once in a while. This takes a bit more preparation. This is where enemas and douches come in. They are a must for having a clean backdoor, however if you are anal about things, like me, then you can take it a step further. Cleaning my ass has become a science. For years I have kept a food diary and monitored my bowel movements. I worked out which foods and liquids give me even the slightest bit of incontinence and the ones that help everything pass through solidly and smoothly. I know exactly when I need to go based on what time and what foods I have eaten and I've worked out what times are best for getting can get my ass ploughed, which actually fits perfectly around our working schedules. I could get fucked in my ass three times a day everyday at certain times and you will never see a trace of shit, and all the while my bowel movements will be perfectly normal. And I can do this without using an enema. The only times where it would get messy are times when I deviate from my diet and have a take away or something, or if I'm sick. But even then I can still get fucked in my pussy or suck cock and drink sperm so it's not a complete loss.

I am living proof that anal sex works and that it can be an infinitely more gratifying form of sexual intercourse than vaginal sex. I suppose I am one of the few women who can orgasm through anal stimulation, particularly anal penetration. It is a much more intense full bodied orgasm than I would have through vaginal sex. I don't know why this is but it is and that's who I am. So for all of those men out there who, like my Greg, prefer fucking assholes, I want you to know that there are women out there that, like me, prefer to get fucked in the ass and would have it no other way. Albeit there are not many of us but we are out there none the less. All you have to do is be patient and keep looking and you will find your anal queen.



Date:  13.07.16

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