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My doctor, a nurse and my cock

Yesterday I went to my doctor's because I had contracted an infection to the foreskin of my penis. It was inflamed and swollen to the point where I couldn't retract it over the head of my manhood. I was somewhat embarrassed because my physician is an older (mid-50's) woman and it had been a long time since a woman other than my wife had seen or touched my cock. But I decided Dr. Wendy is a professional and everything would be done in a clinical, impersonal way. I arrived at the office about 15 minutes... Read more

Phone sex virgin

Simon is not a typical 23 year old male, despite his strong muscular body and good looks he is shy and keeps himself to himself. But like all men has a secret fetish or desire and his is nylon. When it comes to falling for a girl in nylon he doesn’t hold back, in fact he is such a slut when it comes to nylon he can often be found home alone with a stocking on each hand. One rubbing his sick pack an the other his strong shaft. Anyway this particular night Simon is in the Macdonalds getting an emergency... Read more

In the bus stop

I was at this bus shelter late one night, waiting for a bus. There was no one else about and often, in situations like this, especially after a few beers, I am quite likely to unzip and let my cock take the night air. Masturbating in a public place, even if there is no one around, is almost as good as masturbating in public. But then I heard someone coming, so I decided not to unzip and waited to see who it was. It was a woman, mid-40s, I suppose, not unattractive with a east european look about her.... Read more

My first lesbian experience

I can't exactly say my age at the time, but I was an early bloomer. Jessica and me had been friends since we were little, so truthfully I had always found her attractive. I had gotten into boys and lost my virginity almost a year before this experience. So that's the little bit to set up where we were. Jessica then was about 5' and 95 lbs, long black, sexy hair. She was further developed than me, about a full c-cup versus my barely a-cup. She had this nice big sexy butt, probably still a bit from baby phat... Read more

Class demonstration of sex...

Me, Reena and Ajay were very close friends. We were almost of the same school going age. We used to most of the time move together and share almost everything between us. We were teens full of energy and vitality. One day the teacher was teaching us biology class and explaining the human reproduction system. The teacher was telling about the cock, the sperms, the ovum, the pussy and boobs and the whole process of human reproduction. She was explaining the topic with help of sketches and charts and asking... Read more

Sharing my hubby's cock...

We were newly married and my close friend Monica was accompanying us for a few days as is the custom. Monica was just a year younger to me and we were very close friends right from the school days.We used to share almost everything between us and no thing was secret. She was not yet married and was working in a private firm. Just after marriage the days are all full of joy as two unknown people come together to know each other and to share everything intimately between them. Our flat in Mumbai was a small... Read more

First experience in a theater...

That was the time when we were in school. Me and Mala were very good friends and used to share everything between us. We were of 14 -15 years young and full of energy and youth. Our body was showing the signs of youth and our boobs too had taken the size of oranges. It felt good when some on touched them. It was also fun playing with them. Sometimes we used to play with each other's boobs and lightly touch them or say fondle them. We had a number of boys too in the class; Some of them were strong virile... Read more

Exposed and fondled in crowded train...

I had to travel in a train daily while going to College. The trains in Bomaby are always crowded in peak hours. Always getting in the Ladys' compartment is not possible and sometimes I had to get in a mens' compartment. When travelling in the jam packed compartment many times I was surrounded by men young and old. Most of the times the young boys used to take opportunity of the crowd and press against my body. Their hands used to go at different parts of my body and especially my boobs. I had boobs which... Read more

Exposed and groped in a bus...

I had to travel in the bus every day while going to College and returning home.When returning home, in the evening, the bus would be always crowded and I had to travel always surrounded by a strong crowd. During bus travel many bodies were getting pressed against me and most of the time my body was getting fondled by many unknown hands of the strangers. Mostly it was my boobs which were receiving the maximum attention. The strangers' hands used to touch and grope my boobs. Most of the time it was young... Read more

Mary's new roommate

I met Mary while working at a part-time job at a video store. Newly out of college in a decent full time job and a nice apartment. Life was good, except that I didn't have a woman. Mary came into the video store regularly. She had similar tastes in movies and she would often come in on my nights. We would chat, talk movies then she would leave. Finally we got in a screener film that I knew she would be interested in. Screener were videos which were coming up for release soon. They would give them to us so... Read more

My true love

My true love My fingers wrap slowly, but firmly around my naked breast. The white flesh contrasting strongly with the dying rose colour of my areola. I gently squeeze, pulling down as a bead of moisture form on my hardened nipple. I bend down my head to lick it away, savouring the rich flavour of my milk. I feel my muscles clench in anticipation as the taste rolls over my tongue. The soft folds of my flesh soon begin to seep with the moisture of my inner juices. He has been watching me all this time. I see... Read more

Deflowered in the video shop, then with daddy

I find it hard to explain, but watching these 'Dogging movies', made by the so called experts, are way off the mark, by comparison to the real experience, and I should know having experienced it, first hand. Since my parents separation my father and I became closer, not as lovers, as some might like to think, but certainly not a healthy father and daughter relationship, but more like an older man and teenage girl, experimenting in all aspects of sex, my perversions, if there is such a gene, then I... Read more

His Best Friends Mom

Dave pulled into the driveway seeing his best friends mom Nancy was busy unloading groceries from the car. He paused for a brief moment before getting out of the car as he took in her amazing ass. Dave and his best friend Nick, have know one another since grade school, and he has practically grown up over at Nick's house. Dave had always had a thing for Nick's mom, there was just something about her that turned him on. Maybe it was because she was so sweet, or the fact that she always had a smile on her... Read more


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