Julie was sitting on the couch when Pam walked in the door. Pam walked to her and sat beside her and grabbed her face and kissed her. She said "Did you miss me?" Then she undid Julie's shirt and kissed her nipples. She looked at Julie and told her "I have been thinking about these big tits all day. I just need to lick and suck them." As she sucked each nipple she undid Julie's pants and put her hand down them. She found the clit and pinched it then began to rub it. Julie then told her "Let's get naked if we are going to fool around. I need some tits and cunt too." The two stripped naked in record time. Julie then put two fingers in Pam's cunt as Pam sucked hard on Julie's tits.

Pam and Julie had met at a lesbian bar. Julie was thirty nine and Pam was just nineteen. They went home together that night and then Pam moved in with Julie. Julie was quite wealthy and took good care of Pam. Pam was young and always hungry for sex. She spend a lot of time with naked Julie sucking and eating her pussy. Pam loved Julie's huge tits. She loved to sit around in the evening and just suck them and loved to see Julie with no clothes. Julie loved Pam's thirst for sex and loved her sexy body. She had nice tits and a great big ass. She had not been with many women and it was fun teaching her new things. She was like Julie's daughter.

Julie was fucking Pam hard as Pam sucked Julie's tits. Julie then told Pam "Get down and eat my pussy. Tongue fuck my cunt like you are so good at." Pam laughed and said "Any time. I love your cunt. But tonight I am going to make you cum till you almost pass out. I am going to work over your clit, cunt and ass before I quit. You won't walk when I am done." Julie told her "Go ahead. Then I am going to get out my strap on and fuck your cunt and ass till you are raw. Now get down her and eat me baby girl." Pam slid down to Julie's cunt and began to lick her then she grabbed her clit with her teeth and bit and sucked and had Julie moaning and breathing real hard. She would suck the clit and get it hard then pull on it with her teeth and then suck it more. Then her fingers took over where her mouth was and she used her fingers to stretch and pull and rub her clit as she licked her cunt hole. Julie's cunt was full of cum and Pam sucked it out but Julie was filling it just as fast.

When Pam pushed her tongue into Julie's cunt Julie screamed and wanted to be fucked hard. Pam was tongue fucking the wet cunt hard and deep and keeping the cum cleaned out of the hole. Pam fucked her for an hour and twenty minutes before she slid up and kissed her mouth. Julie told her "I love to taste my pussy on your tongue. Now get on your hands and knees and stick those big ass cheeks up in the air. I love your big thick cheeks and I am going to kiss and lick them before I lick your ass and finger fuck it. Then I have a nice new cock for my strap on. You are going to love it. I can't wait to shove it deep in that broad ass." Pam did have big firm ass cheeks. Julie loved her for that. She also loved spanking them and getting Pam's cunt wet. Pam loved her big ass whipped.

Pam got ready for Julie and stuck her ass in the air and Julie began to kiss and lick those sexy ass cheeks. Then she kissed down to her asshole and licked it and sucked it. She put a finger in her and fucked her for a bit till Pam was moaning and Julie could tell she wanted more. Julie put on her new strap on and surprised Pam by sticking it directly in her cunt. The new cock on it was long and thick and Pam yelled "Yes, that is marvelous. It feels so big and so good. Fuck me harder with it." Julie rammed her ass and stuck the cock all the way in her. She fucked her hard and had Pam begging for more. Julie fucked Pam till she came so many times the cum was running down her legs. Julie told Pam "You are quite horny tonight aren't you baby?" Pam moaned "Just keep fucking that cunt. I love that huge cock on that strap on. Fuck me hard." Julie fucked her ass for a while then pulled the cock out of her cunt and rammed it into her ass. It was not too hard to shove in as the fake cock was so wet from the cum in her cunt.

She shoved that over sized cock into Pam's ass hard and fucked her hard and deep. Pam was screaming as she loved the big thick cock. Julie fucked her ass for a long time keeping Pam really moaning and groaning. Cum was still leaking out her cunt. Julie then pulled the cock out and grabbed Pam and pulled her close to her and said "Rest against my tits. Just suck and relax. We can play more in just a minute." As Pam sucked a tit Julie squeezed and rubbed Pam's nipples.



Date:  13.07.16

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