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Southern black lover

I am an average looking 43 year old white women of medium build ( 5' 6'' and 158 lbs. Today, I am married to my wonderful husband whom is white and our oldest two daughters just went off to college here in Louisiana. Before Steve and I got married and while I was dating him, I had a one time affair with a very attractive Creole black guy. He had an average black color skin yet, he had beautiful green colored eyes. Jerome played football at the same high school and lived on the same rural road that I did... Read more

Wife craves young black sperm

When the Summer nights come, the powerful heat of the sun stored up inside the Earth is slowly released in the air. Then, it makes everything vibrate: the aroused crickets lead a musical orgy, the late-night cats fight each other, and the stars twinkle through a dry, lipid sky. It's the time of the wide-opened windows, drinking in avidly the coolness of the night wind, welcoming the stellar light on our sweating bodies. On our bed, my sl**p hunting is fruitless. I have to count entire legions of... Read more

Black man controls white wives

The young black stud remained by the pool for only an hour this time. The unintentional tension in the air caused by this black stud was obviously making all 13 of us white husbands feel uncomfortable. Our pretty white wives had so many moments where they were uncharacteristically quiet and somber, yet they tried to keep some form of communication inside the group. Minutes before the black man departed a few of the wives suggested we ask him to join us for the next meal. "Why don't you guys go over... Read more

My wife discovers her secret desires

I was devastated by the sudden presence of the young black stud at our front door. After I finished relieving myself, I walked out of the bathroom with the front of pants partially wet. I looked over to my wife, Julie, who was still passed out cold on the bed. Numerous black ink spade stamps were strategically placed all over her body and face, and they were a blatant show of disrespect for me by the young black. It was a humiliating and demoralizing reality and I feared hearing what her explanation might... Read more

Wife's first black experience

My wife is a stunning beauty to whom I've been married to for 9 years. She is 5'6" tall, blondish brown hair, glasses, a little weight from having two k**s but it gives her the best curves a husband could ask for. She often complains about her size and wants to loose weight but I try to explain how she is beautiful and is perfect just the way she is. This story is fictional but how I had hoped for things to go.... It was in April 2009 when me and my wife had our last bit of intimacy and she had heard... Read more

Wife makes her husband watch her with black lover

My wife rose slowly, before lowering herself down his length again. Her head tipped back, she squeezed her breasts, playfully teasing her own nipples. Her eyes opened, lustfully admiring the chiseled ebony body of her lover. Balanced skillfully on her stockinged toes, she began picking up the tempo as she rode him cowgirl style. Gently biting the corner of her lip, she slid upwards slowly almost to the end of his length, before plunging herself downwards, impaling her moist sex on his hard shaft. His... Read more

Black man controls white couple

Jessica had spent the afternoon shopping and preparing dinner and now she was sitting at the table as pleasant conversation was flowing. Her husband Michael was telling her parents Patrick and Anne about the fantastic group of students he had this year, enthusiastic and hard-working. Michael and Jessica were both English teachers at a local high school. Michael's unabashed enthusiasm for teaching is what attracted Jessica to him in the first place when they met several years ago in the course of a master's... Read more


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