Being trained to be a submissive

For quite some time now I have been cooresponding by email and phone with a dominant male that I met online. I told him that I was curious about being submissive but was not sure if I would be able to perform and did not want to get into something I could not get out of.I am not submissive in my life and was wondering if I could be submissive sexulally. The thought of it excited me and made me hot and I regularly fantasizied about it.
After many long discussions we decided that I would try it. I wanted to experience all aspects of being submissive and also bdsm while being submissive. I had discussed all of my deep dark secrest with him so he knew everything I was interested in and all that I had done sexually already. I must admit my sexual tastes are quite kinky and some might even say some are taboo.
After many failed attempts to get together I had decided that it was to never happen.I had received a text from him stating that he was coming for the weekend and what and how far would I like to take this. I replied you know my desires and anyhow you will never show up cause at the last minute there is always a crisis and you cancel do I was not really concerned.
To my surprise he actually showed up and I was then nervous but excited at the same time. I trusted him completely so although I was a bit scared I knew that he would not go against anything we had previously discussed.
As soon as he arrived he started with " Bitch strip naked now and make it quick". I complied assuming this was part of the game we were to play. As soon as I was naked I was roughly grabbed, handcuffed and blindfolded. Again I was not worried. As I lay there he begins to tell me that you are mine now for the entire weekend and I am going to teach you a painful lesson.
I feel a collar being placed around my neck and then a leash being hooked to the collar. He says " bitch crawl on all fours behind me and I am lead to the bathroom where I am brutally cleansed with large and painful enemas until he seems satisfied that I am cleansed thourghly.
I am told that I am to address him only as Master and any not compliance will be met with swift and painful punishments.
The training begins with a painful spanking with a leather paddle until my buttocks is burning in pain and with each smack of the paddle I am to say " thank-you Master".
I am beginning to feel like he is being a bit too rough and when I say something he just laughs and continues. After what seems like a lifetime the whipping stops.
Over the next 48 hours I am anally abused, fisted , gangbanged and much more that I can not repest. Anytime I voice my wanting to stop he says no way and continues. After a weekend of brutal whippings, anal gaping, taken to the gloryhole and made to peform and a lot more my sore and worn out body is set free from the bondage and my mind is freed from the mental bondage. When I voice my unhappiness I am told be careful what you wish for and be sure that you are sure that is what you truly desire because once the games begin there is no turning back. As I thought back on my experience after he had left I realized that I had truly enjoyed it as painful as it was and hope for the next lesson to come very soon.



Date:  13.07.16

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