A summer day

It was a hot Summer day and Sara and I decided to go to Local swimming hole. Nothing special just a deep spot in a clear mountain stream with a bit of a sandy beach. We have been coming here for years.It is a local hang out, good place to party on a hot summer day. People from the local town come dressed as cowboys and a few cowboys and cowgirls come from the local ranches on there horses. This Saturday there were only a few people, friends we have known for years Roy and his wife Dale and 2 other guy, Mark and Chester, Roy worked with on a near by ranch.

Everyone was ready to get in the water and cool off. We striped down to our swimsuits and jumped in. Mark had 2 gallans of margarita and a fifth of tegula. we sat in the water and started drinking and taking shots of teguila. it wasn't long before we all had a good buzz.

Sara and Dale started dancing and the more they drank the more seductive the dance got. Than someone said lets skinny dip and the suits came flying off.

Sara came up to me and Dale was dancing with Roy. Sara said to Mark and Chaster come dance with us and held out her hand. In a flash both of then were right there Sara was rubing her body against mime and when they came to her she started teasing them. Pushing her ass out towards them. they mover closer to Sara and before long she was gringing her ass against one than the other and than grinding against me. I began kissing her and as I did Mark pushed up behind her and sandwich her between us. As Marked and I pumped against her body Sara reached down and grabed out cocks she started stroking us and droped to her Knees and began hissing and licking us. She sucked my cock into her mouth and was stroking mark as she reached to Chester garbing his cock and pulling him to her when he got in range of her tongue she licked his cock and kissed the head sucking it in as she stroked Mark and me. than switching from cock to cock she was making all of us hot and very horny. about this time Dale and mark joined the circle with Sara and Dale in the middle and us guys around them as they went around sucking and stroking. After a little while we all went over to the blankets on the beach Sara Pushed me down on the blanket she than went dowm and began sucking my cock than Dale straled me and lowered her pussy down to my mouth as i was licking her Mark laid down next to me but a bit lower and Sara climbed on him and lowered her pussy down on his cock about this time Chester stood next to Sara and she began stroking him and started to suck his cock. when she stoped sucking me Dale laid next to me and said to me "give me your cock". As i began to fuck her i saw Mark moving behind Sara I heard her moan as he pushed his cock into her ass. this was all i could stand it was so hot seeing her taking 3 cock I began to cum shooting deep Into Dales pussy. I could see Sara Rocking back and forth on there cocks Some times arching her back as she moaned and was cummed than like on command all three of the guys began to cum she sucked hard on Chester's cock as he shoot in her mouth and taking Mark hot cum in her ass just as Roy shoot his cum into her pussy and Sara began to cum again squeezing the last few drops of cum out of there cocks.



Date:  13.07.16

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