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A Slutty Arab Mom

I have never thought that would happen to me. Though my mom is very sexy, but I have never fantasized of her until that crazy turning point happened in my life. My mom, Mona, has a full figured average body, not fat but voluptuous and curvy, a little bet tall with big breasts and soft round butt. At home she usually wears a t-shirt with no bra and jeans. She is a very strong person that we all don't dare to say no to her, even my father is submissive in front of her. The crazy year happened when I was 22... Read more


I was home alone, my mom was on a three week business trip, my dad was working late. I sighed, my pussy throbbed for a nice big cock. I decided to call my boyfriend Jason, when i put on the sweet girl voice he came running. While I waited for him I slipped my hand down my mini-skirt and put my finger in my soaked pussy. Oh god I was wet and ready for him, i rubbed my clit reaching a climax and bringing it back down. I did this often it make my orgasm's longer, harder and very pleasurable. A knock startled... Read more

Deflowered in the video shop, then with daddy

I find it hard to explain, but watching these 'Dogging movies', made by the so called experts, are way off the mark, by comparison to the real experience, and I should know having experienced it, first hand. Since my parents separation my father and I became closer, not as lovers, as some might like to think, but certainly not a healthy father and daughter relationship, but more like an older man and teenage girl, experimenting in all aspects of sex, my perversions, if there is such a gene, then I... Read more

My new friend

My teen years didn't start out all that well. I was a bit of a nerd and that meant a real lack of friends for the most part. While, like most teens, horny was my normal state there certainly weren't any girls willing to help me with that. Not that I tried, my urges mostly embarrassed me and just made me more shy. One day a new k** came to our school and somehow we became friends. Jay's house was on the route I took home so we often ended up there after school watching TV and drinking coke. One day he came... Read more


My school district lets out earlier than most and after graduating in early May and having just turned 18 I decided to go on a camping trip by myself for the first time in my life. I was a bit worried about being alone so much but the campground I picked was in a national park and I knew there'd be plenty of trails to keep me busy. So after loading my car with gear I headed out for my adventure. When I arrived at the campground it was about half full so I had no trouble finding a nice site that wasn't... Read more

His Best Friends Mom

Dave pulled into the driveway seeing his best friends mom Nancy was busy unloading groceries from the car. He paused for a brief moment before getting out of the car as he took in her amazing ass. Dave and his best friend Nick, have know one another since grade school, and he has practically grown up over at Nick's house. Dave had always had a thing for Nick's mom, there was just something about her that turned him on. Maybe it was because she was so sweet, or the fact that she always had a smile on her... Read more

Husband and a young man

I was with my third husband. I left for work one day with the intentions of being gone until late that night. When I got to work the business trip was cancelled. I worked the morning and then figured I'd surprise my young horny husband for a lunch quickie. I got to the house and he was not down stairs so I went up to our bedroom thinking the bum was still in bed. That was fine since we were going to be there anyway. I opened the door and there is my husband sucking some young studs cock. The stud had his... Read more

Some first date, huh

So I had just gotten this new job at a fast food/dine in kind of place for the summer trying to make some extra money before the fall semester started. And there was this boy named Danny that would come into the restaurant every so often. He was really cute and had nice lean looking body. He was pretty shy but I could tell he was in to me because quite frankly the food wasn’t that good and he would always stop by during my shift checking me out. So a few weeks past and he had yet to make a move. I was a... Read more

Fun at the Shoe store

It was a picturesque spring day. The type of day that compelled me to take one of my walks through the city and it was during one of these walks when I discovered this funky little shoe store along this funky little back street. I passing glance through the shop’s main window cause me to slip inside. The place was deserted except for a couple of younger girls that were already paying the salesman as I walked in. He was a very handsome guy, seemed to be in his late 20’s or maybe his early 30’s with a... Read more

I watched my young wife fucked hard

I watched my young wife fucked hard: Mary and I had only been married for a couple of years when this happened, She was 19; full of life with bright red hair, milky white skin and very hot, I was 21; Mary and I always had a great sex life as she was as far as I was concerned a little over sexed, Mary could have sex every night but I have to admit three times a week is enough for me and after a couple of years it had slowed down to about twice a week for us but I knew Mary would have liked it more, we loved... Read more

The massage

My only excuse is that I was really sore from a five day backpack in the Sierra and the ad sounded innocent enough. A massage was just what I needed and was offered at no cost so I called the number. It was a male voice that answered but even though I was a bit put off by the idea of a guy doing the massage my muscles convinced me to do it anyway and I gave him my address. As instructed I was freshly showered and in nothing but a bathrobe when he arrived. We chatted while he setup his table and I found my... Read more

My Tuesdays With Mr. Brooks

I was never a very good student. I had a lot of difficulty paying attention in class. The subject matters rarely kept my interest. I always hated being made to go to school in the first place. Therefore, my grades usually suffered. Going back a couple of years is really when my marks in school started to become a real problem. In order to try and turn my grades around, my mom began lining up a series of tutors in various subjects. I had a couple of math tutors, a couple for science and another for... Read more

Helping the Folks

I always knew that the woman I called mom wasn't really my biological mother. My dad had gotten a girl pregnant in high school, when he was 16, and when she wanted to put me up for adoption my dad's f****y took me in after much insistence from my dad. I am very glad that my dad fought to keep me in his life because my dad is a very great guy. He's smart, funny, a good provider, very caring, and a great role model for a young man. I couldn't have possibly asked for a better father. That's why it was so... Read more

Surprised What Mom Had On Her Laptop

It was mid morning when I got out of bed, no school this week because I am revising for exams and with mom away to work, I had a long undisturbed wank looking at her underwear. Finally entering the kitchen for some breakfast I saw mom had left a note on the table for me. My laptop has gone funny, could you look at it for me! Love mom PS can you organize my work in to folders again if you have time XXX Mom is terrible with computers, for someone who uses them everyday, she still cannot save her work in... Read more


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