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Deflowering Monica...

Monica was my close friend. We used to be friends right from our school days. We used to share all secrets between us. I got married first with one of my classmates whom I loved. He was a strong virile man. We went to Mumbai after marriage. Monica came to Mumbai to spend some time with us. All three of us were almost same age and had a very nice time together. We were totally free and open in our talks and had no inhibitions touching each other. Since the apartment was small with only one bedroom with one... Read more

Popping my cherry

I like my aunt Sarita and cousin Rahul. She lost her hubby after Rahul was born. She was rich and both had a luxurious life. I used to visit them since c***dhood and spend my vacation with them. Rahul was a college student and I had finished my school and awaiting results. My Aunt looked very beautiful and I could imagine during her younger days, she must have attracted so many youngsters around her. Rahul too was well built and they were all open and free and fun loving. I was having very good time with... Read more

Exposed and fondled in crowded train...

I had to travel in a train daily while going to College. The trains in Bomaby are always crowded in peak hours. Always getting in the Ladys' compartment is not possible and sometimes I had to get in a mens' compartment. When travelling in the jam packed compartment many times I was surrounded by men young and old. Most of the times the young boys used to take opportunity of the crowd and press against my body. Their hands used to go at different parts of my body and especially my boobs. I had boobs which... Read more

Exposed and groped in a bus...

I had to travel in the bus every day while going to College and returning home.When returning home, in the evening, the bus would be always crowded and I had to travel always surrounded by a strong crowd. During bus travel many bodies were getting pressed against me and most of the time my body was getting fondled by many unknown hands of the strangers. Mostly it was my boobs which were receiving the maximum attention. The strangers' hands used to touch and grope my boobs. Most of the time it was young... Read more

Trip to San Diego

"I'm not very comfortable with this". "Relax boo, you wanted to go to the next level, right? Besides, I know you're curious and intrigued, because I know you". "But this...It's too soon". "Like you told me once, you will never know, if you don't just jump out into the water and test your comfort level. You'll just settle and never know what could have been". "Oh, you're using my words against me now. Ha. But this isn't the same thing". "What's so different? The principle is the same right? Besides your... Read more


Beth was sent to America. She was just ten years old. For a couple years she lived with a married couple and loved the household. But then things changed and she had to go live with Frank. It was ok there but she did not like it as well. Frank was older but very handsome and he brought several pretty women to his house. Beth used to peek and watch them naked in the hot tub. The women were so pretty and so sexy. They all had big firm tits and nice asses and shaved pussies. She hoped she would look like that... Read more

A day in the mind of a dirty slutty housewife

I am a sexually desirable woman with what some call, a high sex drive. If i was a male, It would mean masturbating up to three times a day. But I am a woman, with a hot body and I am constantly thinking about sex. So you might wonder if all the men in village, where I live have a permanent smile on their faces, and their wives and girlfriends hate me, I would have to answer honestly and say they dont, why? I dont fuck them, but I want to, and they know it, so just being in that mindset, is enough for me... Read more

Black man controls white couple

Jessica had spent the afternoon shopping and preparing dinner and now she was sitting at the table as pleasant conversation was flowing. Her husband Michael was telling her parents Patrick and Anne about the fantastic group of students he had this year, enthusiastic and hard-working. Michael and Jessica were both English teachers at a local high school. Michael's unabashed enthusiasm for teaching is what attracted Jessica to him in the first place when they met several years ago in the course of a master's... Read more

The Speaker of the House

He called and said he would be over if she wanted him. She knew she should say no but she needed him. She loved how strong and wild he was in her bed. He was married and would never leave his wife and k**s as it would destroy his career. She wasn't sure she wanted him full time either. She had met him at a governor debate. A few drinks and a lot of flirting and he spent the night in her room. She learned later he was a married Speaker of the House. A very powerful man was why he was so good in bed. She had... Read more

One rainy night

It was almost midnight and the rain was pouring down in sheets. Thunder roared and lightening lit up the sky in violent flashes of light. Lorraine was on her way home after spending the evening in town watching movies with friends. The rain was coming down so hard, that she had to slow to a crawl to prevent driving off the road. Her windshield wipers were on high speed, in a frantic effort to clear her windshield. Squinting at the road, in deep concentration, she couldn’t help but see the man walking on... Read more

Teacher and friends camping

My wife (Jo) who is a teacher and her co-worker (Beth) decided to go to Lake Michigan the Grand Haven area and allowed us husbands to go too (LOL!!!). We ate corn dogs, elephant ears and whatever else desired from the local vendors surrounding the beach. Beth's husband (Charlie) surpraised me with some of his comments about some of the young girls walking and laying in the sun. He later commented "your wife looks nice in black" (the outfit she was wearing) so I commented that "Beth looked nice too in her... Read more

Rediscovering Vanessa

At 26 yrs old I've just finished the last year of my bachelors of fine arts and I'm flying back home to spend the summer with my F@ther, Step-m0ther and my Step-s|ster. I haven't been back since I left for school at the age of 22, preferring to stay in residence and work through the summers to pay down my student loans. When I left 4 years ago my d@d had just moved Carla and her d@ughter Vanessa into our house, after dating her for about 3 months. I remember catching my first glimpse of Carla and her... Read more

Mary's new roommate

I met Mary while working at a part-time job at a video store. Newly out of college in a decent full time job and a nice apartment. Life was good, except that I didn't have a woman. Mary came into the video store regularly. She had similar tastes in movies and she would often come in on my nights. We would chat, talk movies then she would leave. Finally we got in a screener film that I knew she would be interested in. Screener were videos which were coming up for release soon. They would give them to us so... Read more

She is a wild one

This happened the other night and I've been wanting to tell someone, anyone about it but in my circles everyone knows everyone. I can't repeat this story to anyone I know so I'm telling all of you on here except the changing of names for more than obvious reasons. I'm a tall guy with an athletic build (I get mistaken for military or a baseball player frequently) I have brown hair and brown eyes, I have a lot of charisma and am very outgoing. I often go with a buddy of mine. He's not as tall or as athletic... Read more

My friends needy hot wife

My best friend Steve has a gorgous wife named Cary and I have fantasized bout fucking for a long time now and prayed that one day I would get the chance to do so. Now Cary doesn't know that here loving husband is a closet homosexual but he is and that is part of the reason for the problem with their sex life. He just isn't into sex with her like he should be and that usually leaves her less than satisfied afterwards which kept her constantly frustrated. Since Steve and I are like b*****rs he came to me one... Read more

Man! I feel like a woman!

It all started when I went to college. I met a woman in a class during my freshman year. Her name was Karen -- a communications major. Karen and I started dating and things rapidly progressed. By my junior year, we shared an apartment together. She was always a little on the kinky side. She liked things like a little minor bondage -- being restrained while making love and the like. I was a naive k** from the Midwest; however, I was open minded and wanted to please her -- so I picked up on these skills and... Read more

My first time at Dogging

As some of my Hamster friends know, the thought of dogging has always turned, i kept saying i would love to do it, guess what last Saturday week it came true, my husband and I went out for a meal, I dressed up for the occasion,black blouse white skirt suspenders black bra and panties. the meal was goodand we sat for a while just talking when my husband asked where do you want to go now, to a bar for a drink,or go home, I replied in a whisper can we go to ???? and see whats happening,he nodded and off we... Read more

Flaunting The Wifey

I was out playing golf with my buddies one Saturday and we decided to have a few in the clubhouse after our round. Jim had a few and left because he had to go to a wedding with his wife. I invited Scott and Al over to my house for a few more beers. They followed me to our house. I pulled into the driveway and the house look all locked up with no one home. I thought that was odd as I was expecting my wife, Jolene to be waiting there for me. I hit the clicker and opened the garage door. Her car was there and... Read more

Peeping Neighbor

I was in my bedroom and as always I was naked. My curtains were open as always because I love to think someone may see me. I went to the window just to look at the beautiful day. I looked at the house across the back and there was a man standing in the window with binoculars. I thought it was Andy the man who lived there but looking closer it looked like a young man because his shirt was off and had a great body. Andy is fat. I decided to give whoever it was a show. I started to rub my pussy, turn around... Read more

The Pool Party Gangbang With My Friend

My name is Sara and I am fifteen years old. I live with my mom and dad out in the country I guess. There are two other houses besides ours and the houses are about ten blocks apart. The house closest to ours lives my best friend Michelle who lives with her did since her mom left and is the same age as I am. We have been friends for the longest time and I have always been kind of jealous of her because in school she gets all of the attention from guys. Michelle has blonde hair and green eyes and her body... Read more

BBQ night

Last Sunday when I came home from shopping. Hubby was getting ready to leave the house and when I asked “what’s up?” he replied “our neighbour john, he‘s doing a bbq. But needs help.” Giving me a cheeky slap on my ass and a kiss, he ran out. Walking up to my room I remove the sticky shalwar kameez along with my panties and bra. It was a very hot day for us brits. As I walk to our room window, I see hubby is out in johns garden putting coal in the BBQ and talking about something. But I... Read more

Older Pussy

Maureen's Older Pussy maureen is a older woman i used to work with she is 62 years old short brown hair to her neck glasses,nice tits, some sag to them but still nice, nice ass and a trimmed pussy, this happened a few years ago, i meet maureen at work very nice from the day i started, sweet lady, grandma like, would help you out anything you need she was there, very sweet lady. she was set to retire and the office staff wanted to take her out for drinks and dinner, maureen was surprised when she showed... Read more

Extra money

My stepdaughter had grown into quite a fox by the time she was 12, and admittedly I looked at her inappropriately quite often! Most times when I would jack off, it was her pussy I was thinking about, even when she was as young as 10, but I never really did anything about my desires until she was 15. By that time I had already wanted to fuck her for at least 5 years, but the opportunity finally arose! She knew, in a way, that I was the go to man when she wanted something-- I don't think she knew that while... Read more

My true love

My true love My fingers wrap slowly, but firmly around my naked breast. The white flesh contrasting strongly with the dying rose colour of my areola. I gently squeeze, pulling down as a bead of moisture form on my hardened nipple. I bend down my head to lick it away, savouring the rich flavour of my milk. I feel my muscles clench in anticipation as the taste rolls over my tongue. The soft folds of my flesh soon begin to seep with the moisture of my inner juices. He has been watching me all this time. I see... Read more

Two Girls caught up in a Wild Swingers Party

I looked across at Lucy, her head drooped onto her chest, she was pissed and it showed, no wonder the guy next to her had a smile on his face, I could make out his hand was busy under the table and his wife, who was also worse for wear with booze, was oblivious of her husbands meanderings with the d***k teenager beside him. I also had to contend with the middle-aged Casanova beside me. He too was too far gone to appreciate the nubile nymphet by his side. I sat with his fat paw on my inner mid thigh, he... Read more

A Medical Fantasy Story

He woke and was startled to find himself in what appeared to be a hospital bed, his arms and ankles firmly bound so that he could not move … He wondered what could have happened? Was he in an auto accident? Did he have a heart attack? And then he recalled his last memory before he awakened was sitting in his Doctor’s examination room … Doctor Renee … and her telling him that the shot she was giving him might make him a little sl**py. A little sl**py? He felt groggy and weak and struggled against... Read more

What a difference a year makes!

Well what a difference a year makes. It seems a long time ago that my lovely wife was too shy to say boo to a goose. Now she’s turned into a true sex loving some might say nymphomaniac wife. Now don’t get me wrong as although these changes have been quick and a real eye opener to our relationship I’m just as excited and turned on by our experiences as she is. My only regret is the friends we seem to have lost once rumours circulated about her liaison with a group of guys from our local football club.... Read more

Anal Lucy

"Yes that's it baby fuck me up my tight bunghole!" Lucy screamed at her boss. It was another lunch time romp at work and Lucy was getting shafted. Not the type of shafted one might get to experience from their employer though. Lucy was presently bent over her boss Taylor Watson's desk. Her tartan blue skirt hiked over her humungous ass, his cock buried deep in the tight hole. It had been that way since she first got hired. Every Friday Taylor would call her in his office just before lunch and proceed to... Read more

My Aunties Dark Side

I grew up in Chicago on the south side. A pretty rough part of town full of gangs and v******e. To keep me out of all that, my mom insisted I work hard through school. It worked since now at 18 I had been accepted into a special college in San Francisco, the SFC school for gifted writers. I was excited and so was my mom. She said she only knew one person out there. Her name was MS Carlson, the white lady mom used to house clean for. The two women had kept in touch, Christmas cards and such ever since MS... Read more

My best friends sister

''After we get back from the club tonight can I crash at ur place so we can share a cab?'' I asked my friend David. ''Yes sure mate, but if I get lucky you're gonna have to sl**p on the couch downstairs'' he replied. I agreed because I really didn't want to pay 10 euro extra to take a cab by myself, as I'm a poor student. I live close to Amsterdam, which is where we were going out that night, it was Thursday, student night and there were lots of pretty girls in the bar we were in. We spotted 2 girls by... Read more


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