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The homecoming

As the plane circled over Heathrow Ned felt a definite tightening of his trousers. He closed his eyes and imagined Clare, the last time he’d seen her she’d looked so pathetic that he’d lost the normal urge to ravage her there and then. Three months in a jungle with snakes, mosquitoes and scorpions and not a hot bl**ded woman in sight had converted him, and he was now desperate to feel her flesh against his. As the plane descended, Ned felt the pressure build up in his ears and his trousers. He... Read more

Me and my friends

After a night of drinking, we came home to smoke. One thing lead to another and before I knew it, Sue and Maria were not anywhere I could see them. I went to see if everything was OK, and make sure that if me and Sue’s boyfriend Miguel started to fuck, we wouldn't get caught. ( he was already sucking on my tits and had my underwear at my ankles) I walked into the bedroom where I heard some noises and saw what I never would have thought. Sue was laying on her back with her legs wide open and Maria was... Read more

Meeting internet friends

It was set. After months of on-line chats and camera play my beloved bride and I had decided to go that last step and meet another couple in person. Albeit, on neutral ground. As they lived a couple of states away we decided that we would meet at a B&B operated out of an old plantation home in the middle of Louisiana. Better, because it was in the middle of winter not only were the rates lower, (satisfying my penny-pinching nature), but there was almost certainly going to be damned few other guest. The... Read more

Hawaiian sacrifice

"This is so romantic". "You look stunning my dear. You're going to look even prettier in due time". You did look ravishing in your grass skirt and lei. Your nipples were hardened from the chill in the air, and your breast were sitting up firm and full. "I feel so free being topless. I feel so sexy". "You are sexy love. I've always told you that", I said, placing my fork on my plate, indicating I was done with the meal. Taking a sip of the wine, I studied you, looking beyond your eyes into your soul. I... Read more

Black man controls white wives

The young black stud remained by the pool for only an hour this time. The unintentional tension in the air caused by this black stud was obviously making all 13 of us white husbands feel uncomfortable. Our pretty white wives had so many moments where they were uncharacteristically quiet and somber, yet they tried to keep some form of communication inside the group. Minutes before the black man departed a few of the wives suggested we ask him to join us for the next meal. "Why don't you guys go over... Read more

Mrs. Sanford

It was the summer before my second year of high school when I got a call from Darci Smith asking me to meet her at the high school the next day to help her clean out the costume room. Now Darci is the drama club teacher and the art teacher. Every guy in the school wants to fuck her and masterbates to her. Darci is in her early thirties, married, and looks like she is still twenty one. She has nice mid size tits, a fine ass, big blue eyes and blonde hair. She has a pert little hard body and she flirts with... Read more

My wife discovers her secret desires

I was devastated by the sudden presence of the young black stud at our front door. After I finished relieving myself, I walked out of the bathroom with the front of pants partially wet. I looked over to my wife, Julie, who was still passed out cold on the bed. Numerous black ink spade stamps were strategically placed all over her body and face, and they were a blatant show of disrespect for me by the young black. It was a humiliating and demoralizing reality and I feared hearing what her explanation might... Read more

Wife's first black experience

My wife is a stunning beauty to whom I've been married to for 9 years. She is 5'6" tall, blondish brown hair, glasses, a little weight from having two k**s but it gives her the best curves a husband could ask for. She often complains about her size and wants to loose weight but I try to explain how she is beautiful and is perfect just the way she is. This story is fictional but how I had hoped for things to go.... It was in April 2009 when me and my wife had our last bit of intimacy and she had heard... Read more

The lusty latina

Let me start by telling you how much I love the Hispanic female. I feel the most primal urges everytime I see one, I swear I lose control.They have the tastiest complexions,from milky white, to dulce de leche caramel, to milk chocolate brown,with the enticing accent to top it off.Not to mention the fact that my first time eating pussy, it was with a juicy pussy Spanish girlfriend of mine who squirted the sweetest sugarybutterlike juices heavily in my mouth to enjoy,so I've always assumed Spanish girls... Read more

French teacher footjob

As I was in my mid twenties I was entering college and I had to take this French class. All through high school I hated French so I thought I was Going to hate this class. On my first day of class I entered and my thoughts about French chagnged instantly. I saw my teacher mrs green. She was in her early forties had huge tits am amazing ass but most importantly she had the most perfect feet with red painted toenails. During my first class I didn't listen all i did was stare at her beautiful feet. I... Read more

On my knees again

Something was different. It had started as usual, him playing pool with his friends, me racking the balls and walking around for his friends amusement, serving drinks and flirting. I was wearing the usual clothes for the night, black corset, black g string, black high heeled shoes. I had the usual collar and cuffs on, and my lips were bl**d red as usual. My hair was pulled back in a pony tail and I had the usual perfume on. I hadn't said a word as usual, and I had been leaning over the table to show my... Read more

Wife makes her husband watch her with black lover

My wife rose slowly, before lowering herself down his length again. Her head tipped back, she squeezed her breasts, playfully teasing her own nipples. Her eyes opened, lustfully admiring the chiseled ebony body of her lover. Balanced skillfully on her stockinged toes, she began picking up the tempo as she rode him cowgirl style. Gently biting the corner of her lip, she slid upwards slowly almost to the end of his length, before plunging herself downwards, impaling her moist sex on his hard shaft. His... Read more

Homeless girl sex is fucking awesome

Does anyone else have a homeless friend? I have a friend that sl**ps in my driveway in his car for the past 2 weeks. Weird shit is, this motherfucker won't come inside! We tell him to come in but he just wants to sl**p out there. I think he is trying to pick up on a homeless girl and he wants to show her that he is going through the same struggle. I see where he is going with this, I mean homeless girls can be hot. Think about the logistics. Chances are, she's not fat, she's not thinking clearly, and... Read more

FemDom babysitter

Kathy my new babysitter gives me an evil grin as Mommy leaves for work. "Come here young man" she yells. "Your Mommy told me you were a discipline problem and I needed to straighten you out," she says. Kathy sits down on the couch, and looks me up and down. "Now strip!", she commands. I reluctantly take off my clothes. I can feel her eyes on my naked body and I feel embarrassed. Kathy tells me to turn around and bend over and grab my ankles. "But Miss Kathy..." I say. "Shut your mouth and do as... Read more

My girlfriend's first BDSM experience

I met my girlfriend Dawn at a party in college and we have been dating for about three years now. Dawn is now twenty and I thank my lucky starts everyday that I ended up with her. She is drop dead sexy. She had blonde hair to her shoulders with black streaks and the greenest eyes I've every seen. She had a absolutely stacked body, Large tits and an amazing ass. The more amazing thing is that she has a tiny body and I had always had a thing for girls with tiny bodies. Even though I met Dawn at a party she... Read more

Learning your place

The sun of a pleasant and warm afternoon shone through the deep red curtains casting the room in a crimson hue . In the corner of this room I sat with my two girls, carrying light conversation with my submissive, and allowing my slave to listen on, but not a word was uttered from her lips, like the good slut she was. My submissive sat at my feet on a small stool I’d created especially for her, the soft velvet was a small comfort she’d earned, the new slave however knelt on the cold marble flooring her... Read more

True story with a sexy FWB from a few year

Well it was the second time we met. She was a FWB. Late twenties, 5’6”ish, fit, brunette with highlights, round sexy ass and great perky breasts. We were in a restaurant, she had a gym bag with her so I assumed she came from the gym. We sat and had drinks for a while. Chatting and flirting. I noticed she was flirting heavily with the waitress as well witch gave me a pleasant surprise. We had dinner and she kept touching me under the table. Especially when the waitress was around. The sexual tension was... Read more


“This is what happens when you disobey!” he shouted at her and the riding crop whirred through the air once more, this time landing with stinging precision on the sensitive area on the backs of her knees. She was tied up face-down and spread-eagle on the bed and she pressed her face into the pillow and cried out again and again as he continued to whip her This was all because of her unwillingness to comply with his demand that she fuck herself in the ass with a dildo She’d been obedient up until... Read more

The Empire Cinema visit and my wife well used

We had been to a Saturday lunch-time function at a town centre hotel in Huddersfield (which for those who do not know is a pleasant Victorian town on the Yorkshire Pennine Hills). My wife had a little too much to drink - she usually drinks in the evening - and as it was still early decided to visit the Empire, an independent adult film theatre, not far from the station. The membership formalities completed we were shown around and left to our own devices. As we entered the theatre we noticed that the... Read more

Nikk's day out

The school vacations were over. Nikki, being the topper of her class had already finished her homework and was excited for the reopening of the school. She hurriedly dressed up for school, trying not to be late and ate the breakfast her mom had prepared. She kissed her mom goodbye and headed straight for the public bus stand. Her home was in an isolated place so couldn't get the school's bus services. She was the bustiest in her class, and boys loved her, breasts and brains all in one place, but no one had... Read more

How we took Reena to climax...

We returned from our honeymoon tour of Europe. We both enjoyed each other thoroughly. Hubby pounded my pussy with his nice cock almost day and night for whole week. I was happy he had a nice stiff cock. He bought me many presents. One was a nice small egg shaped vibrator with remote control. He would use it on me when sometimes when he spilled his cream without my reaching climax. He used to push the vibrator deep inside my wet pussy and control it with remote, to quickly bring me to orgasm. Our close... Read more

How we were stripped and enjoyed by crowd...

I was totally pressed from all side and could not move in the crowd. I was experiencing my body being touched and groped from all sides. Some hands of the youngsters were freely trying to take advantage of the rush. " Reena, it is too crowded today." " Yes, the rush is unusual." Reena said. I found a hand slowly touching my boobs. The touch was soft and delicate, but I could not do anything as I was almost helpless. The touch became more bold and the hand mow was pressing my boobs. I looked at the boy... Read more

Leena and me sharing Rahul's cock...

Rahul. Leena and me were school friends. Rahul came to visit us in our Hostel room. Rahul was a strong virile young man and looked smart.We welcomed him. We sat on the coach and started enjoying an adult film. It was a nice film with the two boys playing with a girl. The girl was sexy and the boys were slowly exposing her. We were getting turned on. We could see Rahul getting excited from the tent growing in his pants. The could feel his cock was getting stiff and trying to come out of his pants. I hinted... Read more

How I was enjoyed by the group...

Aunt Rosy welcomed us on her cruise boat. Even after 4 years of marriage I had no issue. My hubby had a nice stiff hard cock and we both loved sex. But his sperm count was very low and despite our regular sex , he could not get me impregnated. Aunt Rosy knew this and sometimes she used to worry about it. In the vacations, Aunt Rosy arranged a cruise and called us to spend time with them. Aunt Rosy was young and had lost her hubby at an young age. She had nice boobs and a sexy figure. She was spending a... Read more

Exposed on the dance floor

It was an adult club and the boys and girls were dancing on the tune of music- enjoying themselves.The liquor was flowing freely and adding to the fun. My partner was embracing me tightly and I could clearly feel his hardening cock pressing against me. His mouth to mouth kiss and his tongue deep in my mouth was driving me crazy. He whispered in my ears to open his zip and pull out his cock. I opened the zip and pulled out his stiff hard cock. The cock had become very stiff and was more than 8 inches long... Read more

Class demonstration of sex...

Me, Reena and Ajay were very close friends. We were almost of the same school going age. We used to most of the time move together and share almost everything between us. We were teens full of energy and vitality. One day the teacher was teaching us biology class and explaining the human reproduction system. The teacher was telling about the cock, the sperms, the ovum, the pussy and boobs and the whole process of human reproduction. She was explaining the topic with help of sketches and charts and asking... Read more

Enjoying Shawn's cock...

I loved my Aunt. She was gorgeous and looked cute. She had nice full boobs. Her nipples could be seen protruding below her blouse.Uncle used to work on ship and used to be on sea for months. I could imagine her living alone for months without her hubby around. She had the company of a young college going cousin, -Shawn. He too was smart and manly. I had gone to her to spend my vacations. We were only three people in her big mansion. It was a lovely mansion with nice garden and a swimming pool. I loved my... Read more

Sharing my hubby's cock...

We were newly married and my close friend Monica was accompanying us for a few days as is the custom. Monica was just a year younger to me and we were very close friends right from the school days.We used to share almost everything between us and no thing was secret. She was not yet married and was working in a private firm. Just after marriage the days are all full of joy as two unknown people come together to know each other and to share everything intimately between them. Our flat in Mumbai was a small... Read more

Filming our first honeymoon night...

Me, Ravi and Rahul were school friends. We used to move together and share most of our secrets. We were in touch with each other after we finished our School and College. I used to like both Ravi and Rahul. We had kissed each other many times. I had also been fondled by both of them on a few occasions while mostly- in theater while watching films.I always used to sit between them. Both their hands used to play with my body. Sometimes while talking intimately with each other, we used to share our fantasies.... Read more

First experience in a theater...

That was the time when we were in school. Me and Mala were very good friends and used to share everything between us. We were of 14 -15 years young and full of energy and youth. Our body was showing the signs of youth and our boobs too had taken the size of oranges. It felt good when some on touched them. It was also fun playing with them. Sometimes we used to play with each other's boobs and lightly touch them or say fondle them. We had a number of boys too in the class; Some of them were strong virile... Read more


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